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Phucking Wif Bul Chit

Couldn’t put Fucking with Bullshit as my title, WordPress would ban me.  So I had to use an undecipherable phrase, like the one up above  to say Fucking with Bullshit, and not be offensive.  [Don’t wanna be offensive, even though this post contains liberal use of the “F-word”]. Anyway, FWBS is a phrase not to be taken literally. Oh no!  Wipe that image from your mind!  It’s more a euphemism for having to do stuff you’d really rather not like  to be  dealing with.   Going to work, problems at work, or sitting in meetings is one meaning.  So is having to do something you’ve done a zillion times, and never once found an iota of pleasure in, is another. [Hey, both sound like work!]

FWBS also has a more universal meaning.  Fore although the bullshit I may be fucking with is totally different form the bullshit you might be  fucking  with; we still have something in common: we’re both fucking with bullshit!  I think ya know what I mean.

I painted our newly dry-walled kitchen with primer today (the day I wrote this, not necessarily the same day you’ll be reading  this, because my ‘today’ is now, and yours will be later, but none the less, the same today.  Sure hope you don’t consider reading this blog fucking with bullshit.  It’s probably more like bullshit fucking with you.)

So…instead of having to do  a ton of preparation work, like being careful to tape everything, move stuff, and lay down drop-cloths, I had the whole room empty and prepared for me.  Nothing but me, four walls, a ceiling, paint and a roller.  I had at it!  But during the mist of all this fun with paint, I came the the realization why I haven’t painted anything around the house in seven years:  PAINTING SUCKS!  Even thought I didn’t have as much work to do fucking with all that preparation bullshit, I was still fucking with bullshit.

There ya have it.  Here I though I wasn’t gonna have to fuck with bullshit, and sure as shit, I still end up having to fuck with some.  I’d much rather prefer laying around the house all day, driving The Wife nuts, drawing, listening to music, and writing idiot blog posts, than fucking with bullshit.  But when you’re trying to save some money, and are a cheap shit, like I am, you gotta stay within your budget, spend your money wisely and fuck with all that bullshit.

The U.S. Presidential election is getting real interesting; big debate tonight.  America is being given the opportunity to see just how conservative It wants to be.  A lot of the rhetoric  coming from  the Fear Far Right, is scaring people to death.  We may want a change, but not a change backwards.  Guess it’s gonna be a question of Who do You want fucking with your Bullshit?


Comments on: "Phucking Wif Bul Chit" (20)

  1. Ahhhh! The joys of home improvement.!

  2. Dying to know what that weird ghostly stuff is that’s through the doorway! The Spirit of Painting Past?

    • Actually it’s a plastic sheet, taped down, to prevent dust and construction filth from filling the rest of the house.


  3. “Couldn’t put Fucking with Bullshit as my title, WordPress would ban me. So I had to use an undecipherable phrase, like the one up above to say Fucking with Bullshit, and not be offensive.”

    I just thought you had your mouth full when you were typing the words. 😀

  4. Thanks for the laugh 🙂

  5. I think I shall do a Phucking with bul chit #2 tomorrow. that is what my day has become. My bul chit is a whole lot worse than yours I’m sure. My husband hates painting too. What is it with men and paint? They end up with most of it behind their ears.

    • Don’t be too sure you bul chit is worse than mine. All intercourse with bullshit is unpleasant. If paint behind the ears is as bad as it gets with The Contrarian, be thankful. I usually get paint in the most embarrassing of places.


  6. Haha, isn’t life like that? Either phucking with BS or avoiding phucking with BS. Love the drawing. Hooked a big one there! Only it’s the one you wish had got away.

  7. That drawing just sums it all up – back into the blues and not on a roll – the white room looks like a torture chamber…

  8. Thanks for the reminder of how much I hate painting … especially ceilings!

    • I used to think painting was easy and a no-brainer. But lately I’ve discovered its a huge pain in the you know what.


  9. Great drawing-really captures the feel of renovation!

  10. Don’t like either one. Looks like I write in Ralph Nader again. Father is voting for Franklin Roosevelt. For the 20th time.

  11. 😆 I’m banned from painting as I just make a hot mess of it. I leave it to those who are more skilled. Which would probably be any 5th grader.

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