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I don’t know why I’m writing about Love.  Perhaps it’s because I’m listening  to Love: a 60’s psychedelic folk-rock band from L A.  I don’t wanna write anything real sappy about “Love”, nor get real nostalgic for a 60’s trip.  Although, come to think of it,  this planet would be a  lot better place to live on if there was a ‘whole lotta love’ going on.  A little more outward concern for the well-being of others, a spirit of giving instead of getting.  Jesus, that would sure be a change from what’s going on today.

There’s sure a lot of angry people in the world. From burning down Embassy’s, to folks hanging (lynching) empty chairs in their front yards, seems like people are just pissed off.  [I didn’t get the empty chair thing, cause I didn’t watch the Republican National Convention or see Clint Eastwood rant against an empty chair.  But I understand, The Wife curses at me  when I leave the toilet seat up.]  Guess there’s a lot of dumb fuckers out there too.

I’m not a big Christian (but once was), but if people were to  try and follow some of the simple precepts of Jesus and the Buddha, damn, life would be a lot more pleasant.  I’m finding that if I practice a little more compassion and tolerance (the Buddha), and a whole lot more love (Jesus and Led Zeppelin), life goes oh so much more smoothly for me.

This whole upcoming presidential election is making me sick.  Everyone wants it their way, and their way only, and to hell with the other guy.  The negative ad slime-fest has yet to begin in earnest.  But it’s coming, along with a big dose of paranoia and fear tactics.  Guess you can tell that I lean more to the Communist Pinko Socialist Bleeding Heart Liberal side of the equation than to anything on the Right.  Funny thing is: while I’m  fairly liberal socially (legalize everything), financially, I’m very conservative (money don’t grow on trees).

Pretty trippy, don’t cha think?.  Maybe a little more balance in the world would work wonders?


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  1. If I could do it all over again, I’d try to make a bigger impact during the 60’s when we had some power over things. At least we seemed to. I love the drawings today btw.

  2. Led Zeppelin – now you’re talkin’

  3. even though i’m an atheist, i’d always thought that Robert Plant was (and may still be) jesus !!

  4. since we’re quoting lyrics, “what’s wrong with Love, Peace and Understanding?”

  5. Well done … one’s selfish nature does bring many ills. Thanks for your philosophical side in this post.

  6. You belong to a very large club of those sickened by the election. I can’t wait until the day after election day.

    And vote NO on Proposition 32, my California brother. 😉

    • I’m with ya on Prop 32, and usually vote no on all our wonderful propositions, unless a no vote really equals a Yes vote.


  7. The Church Of Led Zeppelin – now that would be something 🙂

  8. A little balance, a dose of reality and a lot more tolerance.

  9. Dear neighbors to the south – please, please, please don’t make the ‘Right’ decision – far too scary – keep Left to avoid accidents. We already have a ‘Right’ choice screwing around with our freedoms up here in Canada – don’t double the trouble…

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