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Dancing With The Stars

Oh boy!   My favorite TV show has just started it’s new season:  Dancing With The Stars.  A real thriller for those of us in the Social Security scene.  And this season, it’s an “All-Star” cast of Stars (no comets or meteors).  Bristol Palin is back, (hey what else can she do?), along with Kristie Alley in her new fine body (unless she’s gotten fat again).   Don’t get much better than that.

Rant:  There’s so many goddamned reality competition shows on TV, these days, that it seems like all we do all day is lay around and watch people compete against each other in cooking, dancing, singing, fashion designing and everything else.  And they’re all based upon the same premise!  One winner and a handful of losers competing for the big prize; just like in real life.  Sad.

But somehow Dancing With The Stars is a little different.  Sure there’s gonna be winners and losers, but all the “Stars”, most of whom I’ve either never heard of, or are totally washed-up has-bins, do improve, and somehow have to overcome personal handicaps.  Two left feet being the most common ailment.

Any-who, I just can’t wait till everybody starts Jitterbugging and doing that dirty Paso Doble.  I’ve included some of the dance steps I’m looking forward to seeing this season.


Comments on: "Dancing With The Stars" (20)

  1. Are you sure? It looks more like positions from the game Twister….

  2. Looks like the prints of politicians evading answering questions or telling the truth.

  3. I actually enjoy watching this one with my wife too, the dancing part that is. But I am disappointed with all the drama and hype it creates.

  4. we kinda stopped watching DWTS. Found we learned way too much about people we dont really care much about. And Bristol is a real deal breaker. But we do watch Survivor! lol

  5. michaelbanak said:

    Get those dancing shoes on Hansy!

  6. Those are wicked dance steps! I Kirsty can keep up! Might be a little too complex for Bristol, but maybe she’ll learn along the way. She’s a good sport, if nothing more. And I do love your comment about those of us in the Social Security scene. I am “age appropriate” but seem to refuse to retire just because that label scares me to death! 🙂 Debra

    • Glad you enjoyed those dance steps. A lot of folks haven’t commented on them, either because they didn’t take a closer look , or they were just down-right filthy and disgusting. Retirement is a state of mind, but I’m still working, but only part-time.


  7. Cheers to your drawing … Heck, I’m still laughing as I type.

    Well … it seems that Kirsty has regained some weight, and the Palinistas will keep Bristol around no matter how she does.

  8. Wow! You clever thing. You have unlimited imagination when it comes to “Dancing”, huh?

    • Thanks, but those are just some of my favorite dance steps. Problem is, I don’t get out onto the floor much anymore 🙂


  9. Hah, nice steps indeed ~__~ Would definitely watch if more of those were included….

  10. Love that drawing!

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