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It’s Starting

Yep…The kitchen remodel is under full swing.  What was once our kitchen, is but a shell of it’s former self.  Construction started the 17th. What a total blow mind.  This is what our 1955 galley kitchen looked like.  Metal cabinets, red Formica counter-tops and all:

Now this is what it looked like after the first day of “demo”.  I think they ‘demoed’  it pretty good.

You might be thinkin’: “Hey, I thought this was already done with all the talkin’ about it you’ve been doing.  Well, yes.  But Hell No.  That was all the preparation, the deciding, the choosing, the making of plans…the paying of money part.  That was just the start.  Now we’re getting down to business; some serious business.

Lot of stress with a major construction project happening, right in your own house.  At one point, I thought  instead of ending up with a new kitchen, The Wife and I’d end up in Divorce Court.  But not so.  Actually it’s been a real growth experience, and we’ve actually grown closer, with all the mutual decisions we’ve made and un-made.  Kinda like our decision to start a family, except the only prep-work there, was getting naked.  Of course, The Wife has final say .  Wouldn’t want it any other way.  I don’t wanna spend my golden years being the cheap A-hole who didn’t wanna pop an extra $100 to a heating vent moved over a foot so it would look nicer.  No Sir, I’ve been on the ‘Shit List’ too many times to make that mistake again.

We’ve endured the fist week, and survived.  Maybe even thrived (surviving thrice?).  But I’ll tell ya, there’s nothing better than mellowing-out in the garden with a nice glass of wine when the day is over.


Comments on: "It’s Starting" (36)

  1. Looks like so much fun…….but where the hell is the refrig with the beer?

  2. A dream come true! LOL

  3. “Actually it’s been a real growth experience, and we’ve actually grown closer..”

    Kitchens do have a way of bringing people closer together, but that’s a no-brainer because that’s where all the food and cold beer are at. Right?

    • Yep!  And with hard floors and cold counter-tops, not a lot of room to do much of anything else 🙂


  4. Oh boy, I remember those metal kitchen cabinets! Our house didn’t have any because my multi-talented dad built that house from scratch, but most of our neighbors had them. Actually, we didn’t even have cabinets except under the sink (something had to hold the sink up). The countertop had drawers under it. My parents thought pantries were the way to go, so we had two of them in the kitchen. They were like a closet with U-shaped shelves so you could just walk in and instantly reach anything you wanted. Probably shouldn’t have brought this up at your stage of the kitchen-remodel game. Oh well.

    • We’re going to have a huge 24″ deep pantry. Those cabinets are indeed classic, but will soon be hanging in the garage: which is in serious need of a re-model too 🙂


  5. WEll it sounds like you are on the way to cooking bliss! Men are so sneaky. My husband constantly wondered whether my kitchen was “big enough” and was it grant enough? It’s all in an effort to get good meals out of me. Just like the cleaning cart and the laundry cart. Just sneaky ways to keep me doing my jobs. I know how you guys are!

  6. You’ll have the best garage in the neighbourhood 🙂

  7. Did you have a turn at the hammer? That’d be a good afternoon, I reckon, demolish a few cupboards with swigs of wine in between.

  8. I envy the finished project and none of the work and expense involved! I am sure in the next couple of years we’re going to have to jump in and do the same. Our last full kitchen remodel was thirty years ago. Ha! I’ve made do just to avoid that process, which I’ll never forget! I like the idea of relaxing outdoors with a nice glass of wine, though. There’s a nice balance! Debra

    • We’ve made do too. For 35 years. It’s time, and it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be….Where’s my glass of wine? 🙂


  9. Sorry, I actually like the photo of the original kitchen – this style will come back if it has not already done so – and then what?…

    • Remodel again! I know what you mean, the old kitchen looks okay in that photo. But wait till ya see the new one 🙂


  10. Wow! good luck with all this!

    • Thanks…We need all the luck we can get. But actually, planning, evaluating, being able to admit what’s not working, has been the key so far.


  11. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Wow. That’s more than a remodel – it’s a complete do-over! Oh, you’ll love the result. Hang in there a bit longer. Can’t wait to see the after pics. And good for you for knowing how to chill.

  12. Hang in and hang out in the back yard;)

  13. I guess you can both celebrate the new Kitchen by getting naked in there? What are new kitchens for eh?

  14. Wait … I thought it was over? Because I’m confused, I’ll be over for the glass of wine.

  15. michaelbanak said:

    Hahahaha I like the red Formica can’t wait to see the finished work!

  16. I always LOVE the part when I can mellow-out with that beer…. what is your fav brand? I have a liking for Guinness or Kilkenney

  17. what an exciting time .. work, rest and wine, then when it’s all done – cooking and eating. i look forward to seeing the result 😉

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