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Driving Under The Influence

Well I’ll be dipped in shit.  There are certain themes that run through my drawings.  I wonder if working part-time in Probation-land on a drunk driving caseload is having any impact on me.  Probably not.  Cause the folks driving in these drawings, while they may be under the influence of something, sure as hell ain’t drunk.

These guys look more like they are having a visionary experience with a Super Hero.  And are probably under the influence of  Truth, Justice, and the American way.  Thing is ( and this is the retired probation officer in me comin’ out), T J & A is a pretty potent drug these days, and ya gotta be real careful how ya use it.  Some folks get a bad batch (probably mixed up in some trailer-park bathtub) and they go nuts and only watch Fox News.  They think the bunk T J & A they’re imbibing is the real deal, instead of some bogus shit that just bums ya out.

Oh well, we’ll find out which batch the public likes come November.  I personally like the home grown stuff, more than what Corporate America is trying to sell me.


Comments on: "Driving Under The Influence" (15)

  1. T J & A. I agree this is the way to go but unfortunately today’s applications are not very congruent with the original concept.

  2. Haven’t we seen the dude in the helmet before? He looks familiar.

  3. Yeah, it depends on who you watch who your super hero is. lol…Yesterday Fox spent a whole lot of time talking about how the president had time to talk to a “pirate” but not to Bibi. They never, as I understand it, ON AIR ever admitted that the photo of the pirate and the President was from several years ago. Oops…but of course the Foxites will never know will they?

  4. Getting a little jaded, are we? Try working 30 years in my career choice, TV news! I can tell you who’s guilty of whatever atrocity long before they ever come to trial…

    • Is it guilty until proved innocent in TV News? Sounds like you had an interesting career.


      • Not exactly. It’s just that over time the BS pretty much just shouts out at you, and the inconsistencies are right in your face. Plus, as an editor I get to hear and see a lot from what was originally shot than the public will ever see. The report is as unbiased as we can make it, which is surprising when you have access to all the stuff that didn’t make it to air.

  5. Gave up the wheels when I retired – what a relief! Don’t need to worry about any of this any more. Great drawings Hansi…

  6. Usually I don’t read article on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very pressured me to try and do it! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thanks, very nice post.

  7. I was having a conversation about this with someone not too long ago. ‘The delusion of freedom’… Too many people seem to have it these days, hanging on to these shards of bullshit. I like to think somewhere those terms do still mean something… Great post and drawings… your hands are so good…. hand envy….

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