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Sitting at Desks

Going through my Archives looking for random drawings to post, I came across these gems, and started thinking, “You know, certain themes seem to run through my work.”   And one of those less obvious themes is sitting at desks.  Maybe cause that’s what I do a lot of the time.

When I blog, I sit at a desk. When I go to the House of Pain, where I work part-time; I sit at a desk.  So on a day when I both blog, and go to work for four grueling hours, I’m sitting at a desk for up to six hours in a single day.  That’s almost as much time as I spend sleeping (not counting naps).

The problem with sitting at desks, is that usually, nothing of any importance or substance gets accomplished.  Everybody knows blogging is a total waste of time, and when I work at the House of Pain, I’m not really accomplishing anything, just pushing papers from one place to another, in an endless flow that never stops.  Good thing work is rather a mindless endeavor that requires little emotional involvement on my part.  Frees me up for blogging.


Comments on: "Sitting at Desks" (25)

  1. True creativity stems from ample nap time. 😀

  2. Well the guy in the first image is having a hell of an experience at his desk. I bet he doesn’t take naps!

  3. First one is an excellent commentary on the impact of cyberspace on our lives…..

  4. Why I am chagrined! I was seriously sure that a whole lot of people’s sanity depended on my posts! That’s the not true? I am seriously crushed into a can of tomatoes. I shall have to come up with a new gig. Sigh…And I was sure a Peabody or something was right around the corner.

  5. I’ve gotten a lot accomplished over the last couple of days, sitting at a desk and not blogging. Only thing is, my butt hurts. Even after I stand up.

    • Hurting butts is my biggest ergonomic malady. So I would encourage you to stand up as little as possible 🙂


  6. haha, a desk jockey theme. So it is! That’s you and me and most of the world now.

    Have I ever told you how much I appreciate your subversive comments on work? …”I’m not really accomplishing anything, just pushing papers from one place to another, in an endless flow that never stops.” Priceless.

  7. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    I’ve been sitting at my desk way too long. There are days when I wish someone would reach out of my monitor and strangle me – just put me out of my misery. Or, at least hand me a beer.

    • Wouldn’t that be cool, if Skype could serve ya a beer. I don’t know about strangling, but a good spanking might be fun 🙂


  8. Too bad work gets in the way of blogging. Then again, so does mowing the lawn, errands, and kitchen renovations.

  9. Hansi…you have inspired me…..I have started posting my poems from 1967-1976 on my blog…..my artistic contribution to cyber space……LOL

  10. Where can I buy a screen like the one in first pic ?

  11. If blogging is a waste of time why continue to do it?…If working is …etc?

  12. Love these drawings, especially the last:)

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