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Okay…here’s some more carefully selected random drawings from my Archives.  A little over two years ago, I was trying to improve my drawing skills by copying photos taken from the Cairo Museum.  The cool thing about drawing from photos is: they don’t move.  And when those photos are of statues, well, it don’t get much better that that.

I started thinking though; boy, were those Egyptians fairly progressive in their views.  Not only did they enjoy wearing funny hats, but the guy in my drawing sure didn’t mind his wife posing topless for their portrait (even though he didn’t want her nipples to show).  And when ya consider that they had no I-Phones in them days, posing took a long time, especially if you was gonna be carved in stone.  Either that, or it’s really hot in Egypt and ya don’t wanna be wearing a lot of clothes, let alone braziers brassieres, when it’s over 1oo degrees. in the shade.

Stranger yet, they really loved their pets; and not only were they mummified, but also sculpted onto their portraits.  Sometimes they even wore big bird masks over their heads.  This guy Chephren (kinda sounds like something you’d take for a cold) had his favorite bird Horus (a male bird) pictured with him.  Probably had a lot of bird poop running down his back.  Birds are really foul animals.  All they do is eat and shit all over the place.  But maybe Egyptian birds were trained not to  poop on their masters backs.

All I know is I’m sure glad I’m a drawer, and not a sculptor in Ancient Egypt.  If I  were to ask ol’ Cephren how much of him he wanted to be portrayed.  And he replied, “Just my upper body, but don’t leave out my cock.”  His statue sure would a looked a lot different.


Comments on: "Eygptians" (25)

  1. For me THE BOOK OF THE DEAD made interesting reading. It is the only thing available that gives us any insight to Egyptian religion.

  2. Uh oh, I think you’d better look up the difference between brassiere and brazier…it made for a real ROFLMAO moment!

  3. P.S.–I don’t think your drawing skills need any improvement. Those are really nice drawings.

  4. Hansi…excellent artwork! Needs more boob-age…..

  5. Gorgeous drawings!

    • Thank you. That style is not my usual fare, but something one has to do from time to time to keep draftsmanship skills up at a high level. Should one ever need them again 🙂


  6. These are fab Hansi. Good to see a different style of drawing.

  7. So Horus was his pet? I see you are into revisionist history along with David Barton. lol…Hey did you do any of the founding fathers? You might get a gig as illustrator for Barton’s next, “my fantasy history of the US.” Great for school text! lol

    • I don’t know if I’m into revisionist history. But I do like my “visions” of history 🙂


  8. Progressive then. A big mess now.

  9. Draw like an Egyptian… or everybody do the Locomotion?

  10. hahaha I like your take on art history 🙂

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