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Back To Color

I started this first one as one of my blue ink drawings [as opposed to one of my black ink drawings].    But soon got tired of it.  Guess the novelty wore off.  So, having had a brief fling with Blue, I thought I’d go back to what’s familiar;  aka: the same old stuff.  The thing about the ‘same old stuff’ is, if ya haven’t had any in a while,  then it’s no longer the same old stuff,  but something new.  So the recent infatuation with  new stuff, has magically turned into the same old stuff, while the older same old stuff  has mysteriously (with the help of little short term memory loss) turned into the new  stuff.   Funny how that happens.

Wow, this is starting to sound more like a tryst, than a fling.  Guess that’s what happens when ya love who what you are doing.  However, since we’re not really talking about extra-marital affairs, but drawing, I thought I’d take this opportunity to blur the line between the two, and write about my affair with drawing.

I love the term “extra marital affair”.  It”s kind of a dry, clinical description of some thing hot, indicating that if you’re having an affair, well one might not be quite enough, and you may need an extra one.   Now that’s considerate, sorta like helping someone out in a time of need.  But it’s not for me!  No Sir!  The Wife and I are going through a “marital affair’ re-modeling our kitchen. And right now, the last thing old Hansi’s ass needs is an extra “affair” going on, and having two women jumping in my shit all day long.

So, getting back to my affair with art.  Drawing is my special time when I get to check-out for a while, go into my own little world (actually the right side of my brain) and just hang out with whatever comes up.  If drawing  was really an affair for me, I’d be doing it in the nude.  Sadly though, it’s more like the guy in the first picture, standing around in his underwear holding up a huge pair of monogrammed, polka-dot underpants.  Maybe that’s why I like drawing so much, it’s all pretend.

I wonder how the guy in my picture will ever figure out how to get them ‘drawers’ on.  Yellow in front,  brown in the rear  always works for me.  🙂


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  1. “I love the term “extra marital affair”. It”s kind of a dry, clinical description of some thing hot, indicating that if you’re having an affair, well one might not be quite enough, and you may need an extra one.”

    Yeah, it also suggests an allowance for other affairs outside the bounds of matrimony. This might be one way to reduce the divorce rate in this country. But any overage not agreed to in the nuptials would be grounds to terminate the union. 🙂

  2. Funny, those are exactly the pants I figured you would wear around the house. And that hairstyle is just right for them. You have got that perfect. I’m likin’ your color period. The blue period was okay, but color is so well, colorful. *cheeky*

  3. I always thought “extramarital affair” was somewhat redundant. If someone is having an affair, I kind of assume that one party or the other is already married to someone else…guess that’s what I get for being a semi-picky grammarian.

    • Maybe you’re not so much picky grammatically, but rather just know when something sounds stupid 🙂


  4. I need to do this to my 43 waist line.

  5. I have a friend whose wife as jealous of his love for creating, as though he was having an affair. She just couldn’t pull him away. Love the drawings.

  6. Dang …. the kitchen remodeling still going on? What are creating a new Kitchen Stadium studio for Iron Chef?

  7. michaelbanak said:

    Great sketches hansi

  8. I highly recommend drawing in the nude as long as you have control of your tool. It’s like having sex in your backyard…

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