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Dis-jointed?  Who me?  Not really.  Actually things are going quite well.  Got a major home improvement project going on, and it’s coming together.  If you were looking for a “Watch someone self-destruct in front of you” blog, well you’re in the wrong place.

There is nothing better than having a feeling of well-being. [Euphoria is better, but rarely attained].  The sense that all is good; all is Okay. [I’m Okay, You’re Okay.  Didn’t ya just love all the Pop Psychology that came out in the 70’s and 80’s?  If I was to write one, I’d call it “I’m Okay, but She’s from Venus”].  Thing is, there’s sure a lot of shit going on to hinder such pleasant mind-states:  the news, politics, the economy.  People going berserk all around us, shooting everyone in sight.  Damn, that’s happening almost everyday now.

Wouldn’t it be nice if nobody had any guns?  D R E A M I N G.  Can’t have that; might infringe upon someones right to be armed to the teeth.  Anyway, that would require trust in our Institutions and our fellow citizens.  But ya can’t do that cause everybody knows there’s two types of citizens: liberals and conservatives, with each group having it’s own secret agenda they want to foist upon the other.

Then there’s the Haves and Have-Nots.  The Have-Nots have grown in number, but the Haves still wanna stay in control.  They are the only ones who can fix the economy they ruined.  But I think they just wanna stay Haves and not Nots.  Maybe the “Trickle-down Economy” is really about the fear of  Having less and trickling down to Having naught.

When I don’t think about all that stuff, everything seems good.  Dis-jointed, I don’t know.  Hope you’re enduring enjoying all this madness.


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  1. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    It’s just impossible not to think about it! I don’t even watch TV news but I still feel pummeled by all the political nonsense. Fortunately, since we TIVO everything I don’t have to watch the political ads. Disjointed? Yes! I feel that way, too. Hope the remodel is going to be over soon, Hansi!

    • Glad someone else feels the same. The remodel? the remold hasn’t even started yet; except for the planning, buying and moving stuff out phase. Soon i hope:)


  2. The news is all around us, It’s trickled into the TV shows. For folk who wouldn’t normally be in the news, they make their way there with mass shootings. It’s insane. In Georgia, we even had a rash of burglaries where hair weave was stolen. Some folk have lofty goals for their criminal behaviors, I suppose.

    That kitchen project is huge. Been going on all summer, it seems. You’ll be rejointed once it’s all done.

  3. “Maybe the “Trickle-down Economy” is really about the fear of Having less and trickling down to Having naught.”,/i>

    Now there a new meme to develop. 🙂

  4. Dis-jointed? No more weed. No more bars-dis “jointed”

  5. Humans are marvelous creations with the ability to find tranquility in the midst of chaos. We can be happy in the middle of a sewer. Life is just that tenacious.

  6. michaelbanak said:

    Feeling good! Like that motto and keep dreaming about no guns. Maybe it will come true.

  7. Being level-headed is over-rated. 🙂

  8. Love the drawings, Hansi. Some mighty fine words here too. The third para is a tour de force!

  9. Carl beat me to the punch, but no, he doesn’t drink, liquids make him sea-sick – well he beat me to the stash – dis jointed or dat jointed, I’ll take either, unless it’s arthritic – what was that you were saying?…

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