mind expanding nonsense


Sorry, this ain’t about fast, brief sexual lesions liaisons, often elicit, which are designed to be meaningless in nature, yet very satisfying, dripping with lust and wet with a passion that can drive ya right out of your mind with ecstasy. What do ya think?  I got a dirty mind or something?

Well let me tell ya, dwelling on sex all the time, is not what preoccupies my time.  Nope, gotta leave room for eating and resting.  Working out, pumping some iron at the gym. Then there’s hanging out with my buddies.  Also, can’t forget getting stoned and going to the $3 movies.  Then watching cable TV political shows in the afternoon, and getting so pissed most of time, I just wanna yell out, “Fuck You”.  After such a full day like that, who’s got the energy to get laid?

See, one has to keep some balance in their lives, lest everything spin out of control, and become unmanageable.  Don’t want that.  Especially after a thirty year career in Corrections of watching people totally loose it and fuck-up big time.  Hell no.  Everything in moderation, even when it comes to obsessing about sex all the time.

So these quickies are really about drawings.  Drawings done very quickly… No sex involved.  Unless of course, they screw with your mind a bit 🙂


Comments on: "Quickies" (20)

  1. There are $3 movies still around? I’m just gonna focus on that so I don’t obsess over what you say you don’t obsess about. 🙂

    • Yeah…we have a 3 dollar movie in town. Last chance to see a flick before it goes to DVD


  2. I wish I could put my thoughts down on paper in such artful form Hans.

    • Oh, you’re pretty good at putting your thoughts down, and quite well I might add. As far as mine being “artful”…well I don’t know. fart-full, definitely.


  3. hahahaha made my day 😀

  4. I try not to obsess, unless its about politics and the lousy state of the world and how it’s bound to get worse, and then there is the stock market, and my age, and the pimple on my butt, and …..

  5. Do I have to be the one to ask about the reference to “sexual lesions” in the first sentence?

  6. I was just getting to that, Tom … Now, that’s screwing with my mind.

  7. i was surprisingly turned on by the first drawing .. ;

  8. in some point i disagree with you, but still your words seen very coherent to me. lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails lista de emails

  9. Oh, I thought the typo was meant to read ‘lessons’ – the second ‘quickie’ is my fave – great line work – thanks Hansi for the inner chuckle your posts always give me…

  10. michaelbanak said:

    I love your quikies! Do more.

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