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As you can tell (hopefully), I didn’t do the above drawing.  Nope!  My time has been consumed with kitchen bullshit, leaving my creative juices severely impaired.  So I ripped off my nine year old grandson, and posted some of his work.  It’s not the usual high quality, quirkely drawn, pseudo psychedelic mammary laden fare you’re come to expect, yet still pretty damn good, and, loaded with different layers of meaning.

Now, I don’t have a clue as to what he meant by this one.  All I could figure is, he left out the “shit!”, after Aaaaahhhhh!!!  But then again, at age nine, he doesn’t have quite the potty mouth that grandpa does.

Maybe it’s a picture of a sword swallower.  They always say “Aaaaahhhhh!!!” before they do anything.  It’s hard to figure out what other people mean to express in their art, cause I’m always projecting my own baggage onto their work.  That picture above looks like a thumb sucker to me, who, while  constantly denying he had the habit, like Pinocchio, found his appendage growing in length the more he abused it.  It would be a trip if politicians found their appendages growing in length the more they misused them.  Kinda like someone spiking the municipal water supply with Viagra.


Comments on: "AAAAAAAAhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (17)

  1. A self-abusing thumb sucker? It’s a dog having his tongue pulled for barking too much. Like the “mammary laden fare” … in words at least!

    • I wish it were one of our politicians having their tongue pulled out (or better yet, cut off) for lying.


  2. Is that a doctor with a tongue depressor in someone’s mouth and asking him to say “ahhhhhhhh”?

  3. It’s a dog with a pole in his mouth. And he’s waiting on the side of the road for the fire truck to help him.

  4. It seems to me you could learn a lot about true art from your grandson and you should make effort to study his technique to improve your own.

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  6. A family of artists. That must be interesting! I think your grandson may have some talent, but perhaps it would be best if he doesn’t begin to emulate your particular style too soon. In today’s climate of school fear, anyone with a precocious eye will probably end up disenrolled!

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  8. it kinda looks like someone holding something over a flame .. a marshmallow perhaps ?

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