mind expanding nonsense

I tryed this on my Blithering Idiot blog, and it worked so well, I thought it was Hansi ready.  What I did was randomly choose a drawing from my Archives, put it in a post and spontaneously write whatever came to my mind, regardless of  weather or not it made sense or held together as a cohesive hole whole.

And speaking of weather, sure looks like God is sending a hurricane to the GOP National Convention in Florida, to punish them for their Ms-deeds miss-deeds and how they treat women.  Sure as hell ain’t no global warming!  Got to be The Almighty at work, and She’s gonna be workin’ out on the Republican Party.  I bet She considers them worse than them Sodomites who lived in Gomorrah.  If I was a little more conservative, I’d sure be on the watch for some fire and brimstone raining down on my ass.


Comments on: "Running One Up The Old Flagpole" (22)

  1. […] the flagpole like a trial balloon, to see if i can pull it off.  Not gonna try something new on my Hansi blog, unless I tryed it out first here.  And that is:  I’m gonna take a random drawing form my […]

  2. So far list mist and maybe 10 mph gusts in Miami 12:34 PM.

  3. surely if such were to befall the Dems, the religious right would be claiming that God was giving his judgment, but of course, it’s just a storm since it’s happening to them. lol…aren’t they something. (and all your phallic symbolism aside, it was a good drawing.)

  4. Oh dear, I feel so sorry for you Americans – why do you have these nutters? Where do they come from? Anyway, very entertaining blog and excellent drawing lol

    • Actually they all came from England. Remember the Puritans? Well you guys wisely shipped them all over here, and made the New World a religious insane asylum 🙂


  5. “sure looks like God is sending a hurricane to the GOP National Convention in Florida,”

    I kept waiting for Pat Roberts to pray this one off. Looks like his connections with the Big Kahuna ain’t what it used to be.

    • Robertson powers from the Almighty have waned; especially concerning ‘straightening ‘ out Gays.


  6. make that Pat Robertson

  7. Not to worry, I think somewhere an extra special batch of fire and brimstone is being cooked up specifically for raining down on your ass!

  8. michaelbanak said:

    She’s liking that rocket

  9. Abandon all hope for your kitchen – start building the ark…

  10. I hope you keep posting those wonderful articles, thanks a lot.

    • Wow Lista, you must have really liked that post. You wouldn’t be Spam, would ya? BTW, do you know xcpfkwla,they’re into Lolita’s. Whatever that is.

  11. thanks for the info, appreciated it. it was so well formatted.

  12. Looks like they escaped the hurricane and wasted airtime anyway.

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