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Making Decisions

Thank God I’m done with that idiotic number series.  It served it’s purpose by providing me with a lot of blog fodder and weird shit to write about.  But now, having shot my wad creativity-wise, with a major burst of work.  I’m wondering what’s next?  Stay with the same old stuff or try something new?  Maybe more introspective?

Well, introspective won!  However, having totally forgotten what my great flash of self insight ( a counterfeit version of true insight, which involves no Self), I’m left with what I’m dealing with now: Making decisions.

Boy…making decisions is hard.  Especially when it comes making decisions about yourself and what you’re gonna do in the future.  Not that the future is some nebulous far away thing.  At age 65, the future could  come in a pretty short time, and end up happening sooner rather than later.  That’s why I gotta be real careful, and use a little wisdom, cause there’s little margin for error.

Anyway, doing this whole kitchen re-model thing, has been about making constant decisions, each of which will impact yet another.  When I was a probation officer, I was making decisions all the time:  Prison or probation; How much jail time; Give this guy a break?  That was easy.  It was other peoples lives I was messin’ with, not my own.  Plus, I was getting paid to be a mindless uncaring bureaucrat, and encouraged to be an ass-hole on top of it.  So no problemo.

But this whole decision making process has been…Okay.  What started out as a fearful march into some unknown (and cause of many a bum trip), as become a growth experience.  One of education and exploration, discovery of alternatives, choices, and with  an increasing grasp on the subject, a gaining confidence to move forward without fear.

Becoming knowledgeable in the subject you’re gonna be deciding upon sure helps.  Breaking a kitchen down into parts and processes, each researched and evaluated,  not only made life much more easier, but defined the roles Me and my wife would assume.  The Wife: chief architect and planner.  Me: financier and venture capitalist.

Artistic credits go to Hansi for his usually fine fine, super fine ink work; grandsons, Logan for his clever use of stickers; and Branden, for “Crab”.


Comments on: "Making Decisions" (17)

  1. “What started out as a fearful march into some unknown (and cause of many a bum trip), as become a growth experience.”

    That’s what it’s all about buddy. We naturally tread lighter as we age but growth still needs to be in the game plan until we draw our last breath.

  2. Love the sticker picture. You always move me or have me laughing, Hansi, self or no-self x

  3. Thank the gods you’ve got your grandsons to fall back on – love the crab – portrait of you?

  4. have i missed the ten ? kitchens can wait ( indeed kitchens can kill, little plug there ) what happened at ten 😉

  5. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Yes, you can’t go into a kitchen remodel completely ignorant and have it turn out well. Water should come out of the faucets, the counters can’t be crooked, and so on. It is stressful, though. I had new countertops put in and watching those doofuses do it was painful. It took them 12 hours. I wanted to grab their tools and do it myself.

  6. welcome to the world of workmen! Indeed, it is painful at times. But the rewards! I’m busy with 8 big terra cotta pots sitting out in a row, and must decide their location before the workmen return with the soil! lol…I am soooo conflicted on what to go where! You are my moment of relaxation in a sea of busy.

    • I’m really a sea of busy in you’re moment of relaxation. Thanks. BTW you and the hubby have been a big inspiration with your move to NM, for me to take on this project.


  7. michaelbanak said:

    I like the little crab 🙂

  8. Would it be too introspective of me to admit to being bad at being introspective?

  9. “Thank God I’m done with that idiotic number series.” So I guess we won’t see an alphabet series ?

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