mind expanding nonsense


If you’ve been following this number series on this and my Blithering Idiot blog, you’ll notice that I’ve been using the same drawings but featuring vastly different commentary on each blog.  Though I tried, I couldn’t come up with anything better than the spaced out mindless babel featured on the Idiot post of the same  number.


Comments on: "Nine" (11)

  1. Welcome to the nineside – dark and Freudian…

  2. I just wanted to point out that the index finger on the first drawing qualifies the owner for a fine career in proctocology. I have no idea what Freudian episode was occurring during the drawing of it, but no doubt it was present. I am observant. Thank you.

  3. And If I misspelled proctocology, then so be. I was not nearly interested enough to look it up.

  4. yes it’s a digit alright, my prostrate is tickling .. and not in a good way 😉

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