mind expanding nonsense


I just got done doing some rough drafts on my Blithering Idiot blog, and thought, “Hey, I’m still in a creatively festive mood, why not crank-out a few Hansi’s?”  [Please, no jokes about Hansi and ‘crank”.  I never touch that stuff…it’s bad news]

Well having come up with a blank, I thought I’d tell ya a little probation story about why (non-herbal) drug use is bad.  “In the day” ( I hate that phrase, it’s still ‘the day’ for me goddammit), I wrote a lot of probation reports for  judges to help them when it came to sentencing persons convicted of crimes.  Well, I had to interview this one fool who got ‘popped’ for drug use.  See, he was at home, getting higher than a kite on methamphetamine [Meth or Crank] when things started going south on him.  He started hearing noises coming from his attic.  And although he had be home all night and had little more than a crawl-space up there, surmised that those noises could only be burglars.  And, if you’re being burglarized, what do ya do?  Well call 911, and have the police respond ASAP.  Sure enough, Mr Einstein called the cops, they showed up, didn’t find any burglars, but did find him under the influence and arrested his ass for being under the influence, which in California, carries a mandatory 90 day jail term.

Guess you might say he Ate some shit on that one.

Now having cleverly worked the number eight into this post, turn your computer screen onto it’s left side and check this one out.


Comments on: "Eight" (10)

  1. That was one brilliant fella calling the popo on himself. If only he’d not listened to his demons.

  2. oh that was as complicated as the mind of an 8 year old. Good grief. lol

  3. We had a similar story down here but the guy kept a samurai sword handy for just such eventualities. Bottom line, he needed both a lawyer and upholsterer after that.

  4. Keeping a breast of the times as always Hansi…

  5. i couldn’t model for an eight, maybe a three 😉 this counting stuff is good

  6. hahaha I hope he never has any lids. Don’t want that idiot messing up the gene pool

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