mind expanding nonsense


The only thing that comes to my mind when I think of Seven (besides the fact that it is the luckiest of all numbers) is that line from the Coasters song Charlie Brown…”Seven come eleven down in the Boy’s gym.”  That Charlie Brown, he sure was a clown, shooting craps in the locker room.

So instead or writing a bunch of nonsensical bullshit, heavily laden with bathroom humor, sarcasm and down-right filth, yet lightly seasoned with a touch of herbal madness, which often results in constant distractions;  the herbal goddess induces short term memory loss (not a bad thing if it doesn’t become permanent), so by forgetting everything you once knew, everything becomes new again, because you’ve forgotten that you’ve ever seen or heard  it before, and in being new to you, all sensations create a sense of fascination and exploration in the timeless present moment.

Anyway, being unable to remember what I just wrote, I thought I’d just post these two drawings


Comments on: "Seven" (10)

  1. The human pogo stick to the right of the 7 will probably give me nightmares.

  2. as a purveyor of such nonsense i wholeheartedly agree ?

  3. Thanks for the nude…

  4. Yup, seven is one of the good ones.

  5. 7 and 7
    Okay, now I’m out of ideas.

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