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Five part 2

Sure as shit I did space out and wrote an earlier post on the number Five.  I hate it when that happens.  Damn.   But why waste a perfectly good post.  I’m sure as hell not gonna do 5 number Five posts;  that’s an idiotic idea.

So, the number Five?  I just drew a picture of a hand (which coincidentally has five fingers), taped a $5 bill to it, and took a digital photo of it.  Really creative, I know.  But hey, my mind has been filled with a lot of  kitchen re-modeling bullshit, and I’m finding myself having to pay way too much attention to stuff like cabinet sizes, faucets, granite counter tops and garbage disposals than I’d like.

See, unlike my  Hansi’s Hallucinations blog, there’s not a lot of room for error or THC induced “creativity’ when it comes to kitchens.  I gotta know exactly how many cfm’s a range vent will suck out of the house and how many square feet of counter top I’ll get outta that $1500 slab of granite.

Well, dip me in shit once again.  You won’t believe this, but this is actually my third number Five post.  I did totally space, and do a completely different one Five on my Blithering Idiot blog.


Comments on: "Five part 2" (15)

  1. First thought that came into my head with the opening drawing is “5 Finger Discount” … 😉

  2. You ought to sell these to Subway sandwich’s “Five Dollar Footlong” commercials.

  3. Dang, I thought you drew that bill. Wow, I said, this guy is a genius! So you’re not. And for some reason I am glad you’re not. Don’t yell at me, I fell in the mud today. I desert with mud in it…who woulda thought such a thing were possible?

  4. Not to ask inflammatory questions, but isn’t that kitchen done yet?

  5. michaelbanak said:

    Man the five part 2’s messing with my head. I like the Hand and the 5 dollar bill. $5 buys you a schooner of beer at the strand hotel Sydney

  6. I like the effect of the photo of the $5 in the hand! I would imagine you’d like to find a way to duplicate that five if you’re doing a kitchen remodeling! My experience with any home remodeling is connected to traumatic memory! It’s no wonder you can’t keep your numbers straight! Debra

    • I’m hoping to avoid trauma, and drama, with the kitchen. The bummer is, the process is consuming all my energies; spending more time on Consumer reports than blogging.


  7. What a good man you are, getting the little woman a new kitchen and all. You’ve gotta hang a piece of your artwork in there when it’s all said and done.

    • I know, I’m such a good guy, but no one would wanna eat or prepare food with my stuff hangin’ on the wall.


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