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I can’t remember if I’ve written something for the number five.  If I haven’t, this is it.  See, I don’t/didn’t write these number posts in order.  I usually write them out longhand in pencil in front of the stereo blasting some weird shit I’ve downloaded.  That’s why I’m all over the place, bouncing from three, to seven, back to four, and then typing and saving all this crap as a rough draft in Word Press.  That’s pretty cool, cause it allows ya to be in the moment, and write blog posts when ya feel like it, but may not be  ready to post.  Like this one.  Five is one of the last numbers I’ve written.  So there’s no logical progression, except when it comes to the math.  And the drawings, which I did in Ascending and Descending order, two years apart.  You might say I go both ways.

Oh well.  five is five, and there’s little more than can be said about it.  If  I already saved a number five post in my Drafts, this one will be a part 2.  But a 2 part post would really only be appropriate for the number Two.  Get it?  Two posts for number 2.  I could go back and do 3 posts on number Three, and maybe 4 on Four, but 5 on Five?  I’d be way behind if I did that, unless I got lucky and was so spaced out, and found that I’ve already saved a shit-load of Number five posts.

But I’m pretty sure this is my first five post.


Comments on: "Five" (12)

  1. how confused. well me i may be become confused. how posts per number ? this is the one for five.

  2. I do hope you get your numbering clearly in place. I can’t imagine what it would be like if you had to start all over again! When you get through all the numbering, would you consider putting them all in one post? I’d love to see them together in sequence! Each is really quite extraordinary!

  3. I don’t do math, so I’m not even trying to reconcile the number labeling-reallly nice drawing though!

  4. This is a nice figure study. Always something to learn when composing a live drawing.

  5. The creative process allows you to create them in any order … but when posting, gotta keep them in order for the audience. Then again, see there’s a part 2, so I had to come here first.

  6. So that’s one hand done, now it really gets complicated ‘cus my right hand never knows what my left hand doith…

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