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Four, I know, what a bore.  Reminds me of when The wife and I had young children.  There were were four of us.  And socially, there were usually four of us, consisting of another young couple with kids, who we’d get together with on the weekends.

Now, The Wife and I hang out with “empty nesters”, couples whose children are grown and out of the home.  And, who have grandchildren.   But we don’t see them very often, cause they’re always making pilgrimages out of town to see their grand-kids.  So weekends are shot to hell.  Instead of getting together and partying with all our Social Security recipient peers, they’re off all over tar-nation, busily trying to make up for all the poor parenting we did with our kids, by doing an 180 degree opposite with the grand-kids, taking advantage of the god-given second chance to do it right this time around, and over-indulge their little asses and spoil them rotten.  The actual grand children are often delighted, but their parents sit there and wonder, “who the hell is this old couple, cause they ain’t the parents that raised me.”

Well, that was quite a rant.  So back in 2010, I was working on fine tuning my eye-hand coordination and becoming a better draftsman drawing wise (but not necessarily drawing wisely).  I drew from photographs and art books, in a deliberate attempt to get better.  [Also known as deliberate practice.]  So you can see from the 2010 series, that I was trying to do a serious study (or at least half serious study) of the figure.  And what was really cool was: when I got good enough at it, I could then chuck it all and go back to my favored ‘cartoonie’ style; kinda like Picasso did after his Art Academy training.

What I wish I could do now, is mentally fax an image in my mind onto a piece of paper, with no drawing at all; could happen some day.  But alas, like my sex-life as a teenager, the use of my hand still plays a prominent role in all my art activities.

Well, I don’t know how all this got from a social commentary on 1980’s child rearing, to an art study, to the same old filth I gravitate to so often.  Must be evolution; onward and upward 🙂

Hey.  If ya want a completely different version of this post featuring the number four, go to my other blog,  The Blithering Idiot,  and see what that fool has to say.


Comments on: "Four" (8)

  1. We’re kidless .. but you had me laughing!

  2. Just sitting and smiling, Hansi! Thank you 😀

  3. The new Hansi is much an improvement on the old “stay within the lines” Hansi. And we can do without the graphics on your sex life. I will have to work hard to scrub that image from my matrix.

  4. I had to chime in and chuckle at your keen observation at grandparenting. I have the same sense…my children must really wonder sometimes when I did my total transformation! I loved the nude at the top of the post. Classic lines…but I think your unique style with the twisted sense of irony is always going to win out! It’s probably best you don’t try to tame it! 🙂 Debra

  5. evolution can be described as the survival of the fittest, are you fit mr hansi and what are you fit for ? do you play golf .. 😉

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