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Number 2

This is my next post in the number series I’m doing.  I just don’t know  which two I should post.  There will be two.  Because if you’re posting and older drawing with a newer one, then the result  will always come out to be two. [I really can’t explain it either].  So if ya do ten posts, you’ll have twenty drawings.  That is, if ya stick with the rigid, follow the rules, narrow, never varying two drawings per post format.  If not, well you might end up with as many as twenty-three or twenty-four.  Who knows?  But this is really an exercise in compulsive behavior, and when in doubt, You gotta go, with what ya know.  Hence, the number Two.

I thought I’d write something thoughtful, considering the many aspects of the number (all two of em), and reflect on the spiritual implications:  and how two can work together as one, and in harmony, become one.  But the first thing that came to mind was some bathroom type humor about having to “go number two”.

But all that has slipped my mind.  Two bad, maybe I had one too many.


Comments on: "Number 2" (13)

  1. *groan*. Your attempts at humor are vastly overrated. J/k. actually you made me smile. Now I’m off to the pool to drown my arthritic joints.

    • Ever think of having the Contrarian pop for a hot tub? Nothing better than a glass of wine and a good soak in the ol spa.


  2. ” Two bad, maybe I had one too many.”

    So go with the flow and have two too many.

  3. Hansi, you are just too much. Or is that two much? At any rate, looking forward to three.

  4. Urban technopolis. Everything is a number or code. Even poo poo is #2 as you say. It makes me crazy. I may go off the deep #6.

  5. well looking as i do from down under i see that 2 is actually 2 1s .. odd 🙂

  6. Is that woman about to commit some lechery with that number? Give her an abacus for heaven’s sake…

  7. Well … that pic sure stimulates some thoughts. 🙂

  8. Hello, I am here to just report to you that a Deviant Art user has stolen your art and claimed it as their own.

    DA has changed its rules so that only the owner of the art may report the user. This user has plagiarized from a number of other non-DA sites (I’ve only managed to track down the owner of one other stolen work) and clearly has no concept of the meaning of plagiarism. Please, this user must be stopped. Please register on DA and file a complaint. You may forward my message to let DA know that this is a repeat offender.

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