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Number One

Two years ago, in May 2010, I did a series of pencil drawings at the end of one of my sketchbooks.  I only had ten pages left in it, but didn’t know what to draw on them.  I guess most of you can tell I don’t draw from life, but rather from my imagination (or horrid nightmares).  And when I’m particularly lucid and have a clear mind, I don’t have shit to draw.

So, without giving  all my secrets away, I closed my eyes, and after remembering why I closed them, came up with the answer. If I had ten pages left in my book, I’d do a count-down, kinda like in the 50’s when they launched rockets and spaceships into Space, and work the number of the page into the subject matter of my drawing.

Well, being momentary lucid again, I thought I’d reach into my bag of tricks and do it again, but in a totally different manner. Instead of starting with ten and working my way down, I thought I’d start with One and work my way Back to you Babe up.  [Bet nobodie’s thought of that before.] And this time, use ink in the new drawings.  That way everything is kept in balance and won’t spin out of control  and bite me in the ass, like when Jack went up the hill to do Jill and his marriage came tumbling down.  Or Humpty Dumpty, who too lost his balance, and ended up so fragmented that even the strongest of psychotropic medications couldn’t put him back together again.

Therefore, (you can always tell when someone is wrapping things up when they say ‘therefore’) with the blogosphere being the perfect venue for obsessive compulsive behavior, I’m gonna be posting a series of number drawings featuring an “Oldie” and a new one in each post.  This is the first ONE by the way.


Comments on: "Number One" (14)

  1. Whadda ’bout un, uno.eins, een ?

  2. You should know that there has been a snafu and you and my husband had your brains scrambled and each of you got half of their own and half of each others. This explains why neither of you makes a good deal of sense to normal people. Well now on to a cure for cancer and the unified theory of all things. You’re welcome. I’ll send my bill.

  3. Love number one, and I’ll leave all number two jokes aside… The blog’s got a new look, too? All the best sir! I love graphite works and it’s good to see yours…

    • You can make all the “number two” jokes ya want on my next post 🙂

      That reminds me…I gotta go to the bathroom 🙂


  4. Is “Looking at Sarah” the title?

    • Ah Sarah…looking a little older these days, but still my favorite nut-case.


  5. I’m counting on ya but hope you don’t exceed 10 – then it gets hard for me…

  6. one’s fart may be another’s breath of fresh air 🙂

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