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Throwing One Together

I felt like blogging tonight, but didn’t have squat to say, so I decided to throw together some drawings I did in the sixties; 1969 to be exact.  The sixties were  a formative time for me and pretty much made me the man I am today.  From the beginning of that decade with Chubby Checker and the Twist, to the end of 1969, when I found myself recently married, graduated from college and about to get my ass drafted to go fight a war I had no interest in whatsoever, it was ten years of non-stop insanity.

Well here’s some of the stuff I was doing in 1969.  Damn, not much has changed since then.

And after wasting 30 years of my life in a career, with kids grown and out of the house, but whose offspring we watch three times a week,  I’m back to 1969 again.  Sweet.  No more delaying gratification for this boy.

This last one was fairly prophetic  of what I’d be doing for them thirty years waiting for all that good sixties shit to come around again.


Comments on: "Throwing One Together" (25)

  1. speaking as one who has no art background whatsoever, I’d say you have definitely grown in depth in your work. It seems more evocative than this earlier stuff. hmmmm…as I said, I know nothing, so my opinion is but dust. lol

    • hey…I value your opinion, and you’re probably right. what the hell did I know at age 21?


  2. It’s cool to see where you were to where you are. Rather…cyclical, it’n it?

  3. Good stuff. What was the best song of 1969?

    Here’s a dark horse entry:

  4. What once was old is now new again…..drugs, sex and rock and roll!

  5. Wow, these are fantastic, every one!

  6. You might modestly label it “old skool’ (college) type of stuff” but I ‘really dig it man’ – these are excellent line drawings. I’m glad you kept them to share with us…

  7. Love the retro look and the similarities with today. Wondering about the rolling pin in the first pic may keep me up at night. Meanwhile, there is a major difference from 1969 – you have a new kitchen!

    • Actually, we’re still working on the kitchen…which predates 1969, by about 14 years.


  8. The top one reminds of Dutch maidens but as row of tulips.

  9. michaelbanak said:

    I really like these Hansy

  10. Love your 1969. This is Psychology Today and New Yorker Magazine kinda stuff.

  11. Looks like a good year…
    Great drawings!

  12. i can see phalic shapes, mushrooms and was thrown by the tv, seat or what i thought was a toilet ? – the sixties, well i was too young for those really, alive yes, but too young. 😉

  13. LOL! 1969 was a good year.
    And for what it’s worth, I still do the twist … although not quite as well … or as fast.

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