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These fuckers never give up, do they?  First they want me to “bundle” with them.  Now they claim if I get their High Definition, well, TV will never be the same.  We won’t mention how TV will never be the same, when everything on cable is a re-run, or something like N.C.I.S., which is shown in a “marathon” of non-stop shows one after another.

Nope.  Not for me.  Close, but no cigar.   But…if ya really want TV to never be the same again, ya won’t get there by smokin’ a cigar.  Try firing up a Joint!  Let Mother Nature enhance your viewing pleasure, NOT some special digital box that’s gonna cost you twenty bucks a month more.   In fact, the more stoned, loaded, baked, blasted, zonked, wasted, high and mellow ya get.  A funny thing happens, TV gets correspondingly better.  And if ya get really spaced-out, even the commercials start lookin’ good.

Gotta watch-out though, sometimes the definition of your reality gets a little too high and ya might freak-out….Now that would be a Bummer.


Comments on: "TV Will Never Be The Same" (26)

  1. With 24-7 airings and 100’s of cable channels, the tube is more of a wasteland now than when it was declared so nearly half a century ago.

  2. You may be on to something…we are high def, bundled, and internet-tied…and we hardly turn tv on anymore…Since it’s all in THE “cloud” these days, we could enjoy a different, more natural cloud, couldn’t we? I know our neighbors do…Debra

  3. I still wish there was THC …. the Hansi Channel.

    • LOL loved it. Actually, The Hansi Channel is playing 24/7 in my mind 🙂


  4. Yeah I have to agree with you. We watch 3 hours of tv a day. And it is mighty hard to find anything worthwhile to watch a good deal of the time.

  5. That’s why I’m always blogging, Facebooking and Tweeting – TV is such a pile of rubbish. But I’ve rediscovered radio – Planet Rock is fab.

  6. At least I gert a pause from political crap…I am watching the Olympics….

  7. So you dropping your bundle …? :

  8. I think sunrises and sunsets are more entertaining that most on TV. How can they have eleven billiondy channels and nothing worth watching? Except of course New York Yankees stomping all the chumps.

  9. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but I pirate my cable. Not worth paying for. Besides, seeing as I can’t see much of much, it is more like TV/Radio. Thank goodness for the Weather Channel and the NPR channel . If they would only bring back Green Acres re-runs… hmmmmmmmmm

    • Cool…I got a similar deal going. Signed up and am paying for basic, but the idiot who installed it, hooked me up with expanded. Oh well.


  10. We do the very BASIC just for reception, then use Netflix through Roku. We’re paying less and getting more of what WE want to watch when and if we do. It’s getting really complicated. Your drawing is priceless;)

  11. I don’t get the TV thing – such a waste of the herb – it’s all an illusion…

    • You’re right. The herb is much better spent drawing and writing blog posts.


      • Hansi – I often get a ‘reply’ from you that doesn’t show an actual reply, just your name and icon – what’s that all about?

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