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Well, the title pretty much says it all.  Getting closer to actually plunking down some money on this sucker.  Doin’ it.  And splurge on a kitchen remodel.  Floor to ceiling, the whole nine frickin’ yards.  What an ordeal…Poor Hansi.  And poor is what I’m gonna be after writing checks to Lowes, the contractor, appliance stores, the tile place, paint store, and of course, we can’t forget that solid granite counter top.

And what do I get in return?  Well, while The Wife gets her ‘dream kitchen’, I get my ‘dream garage’.   And that’s a fair trade if ya ask me.   All you can do in a kitchen is cook.  Them granite counter tops are much too hard, not to mention cold, to do anything meaningful on.  But a garage:  A garage is the place where a man keeps everything he needs to be a man, except a woman.  Don’t want no estrogen stinking up the place, or trying to re-arrange things.

And in a properly outfitted garage, one (me) can do a multitude of cool stuff.  From wood projects, or some weird science, to clandestine herbal horticulture, the possibilities are endless.  Plus it’s just a neat place to hang-out, and get away from that Special Someone who made it all possible.  You just know it’ll also have a kick-ass stereo system.

Now all I gotta do is tell The Wife that she’s gotta move all her crap outta there.  That may be the  hard part.  Might get my ass, kicked.


Comments on: "I Sure Wish Remodeling A Kitchen Was As Easy As Drawing Monsters On The Floor" (24)

  1. Skip the granite countertop. In just a very few more years everybody’s going to be saying, gee, that’s s-o-o-o 20th century…

    • Thanks…I have noticed there are stylistic trends in this whole kitchen look. granite is the current fad.


  2. What? No fridge to keep the brews cool in that man cave?

  3. Good luck with the remodelling. And with maintaining the integrity of your man cave.

  4. I have no car, no garage, an astronaut’s kitchen and alack and no lass – sheer bloody luxury if you ask me!

  5. Home improvements! Oh … the horror! 🙂

  6. Hang in there Hansi … life will return to normal …. and the promised garage will return to being a dream.

  7. I have turned the dining room into a library….I have about 1500 books and needed a place to sit and do research and since I eat in the kitchen or the back porch I put in bookcases from ceiling to floor and a couple of comfy chairs and tables…all that is missing is a great cigar and a snifter of cognac…..good luch

    • Sounds like you’re livin’ the dream. Nothing better than to have a functional library/smoking room.


  8. Enjoy your new playground and all those good meals Wifey will be in the kitchen cooking for all the time. Don’t think about the money. It was spent years back, only you’re just realizing it now.

  9. Sounds like you have taken the plunge. My other half, not better, just other, is starting to spend time in the garage getting his “woodshop” organized. I expect that he will make three things, and then the dust will gather. That’s my prediction. But then I have my craft room, my house the way I want it, so I don’t begrudge him his man cave. Are you guys all alike? if so, it could sure make the marriage thing easier….we can just order ya out of a catalog.

    • Yeah we’re all alike, and, you can order us out of a catalog.

      Just get a Sears catalog, look in the underwear section, and when ya find the right packaging, just order.


  10. I want a mancavegarage!

    • Won’t ‘Hubby’ let you in his? But yes, women need woMan caves too. my wife has one, we call it our house 🙂


      • Husb doesn’t have a mancavegarage. If there was a mancavegarage attached to our house it would be MINE! He wouldn’t get a look-in. I have to take power tools off him in case he hurts himself lol

  11. Really great drawing. My husband opts for the basement;)

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