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Let It All In

Okay…I got this little piece of crap with my cable TV bill.  I’m paying for fifty channels of bullshit, and now they want me to “bundle” it with even more bullshit that they’re trying to sell, and for the privilege, will let me  record it all for free.  Sounds more like a pile than a bundle to me.  Nice try….but No Thank You!

Maybe I’m being a little harsh, but somehow (with already fifty channels of bullshit), more coming in a bundle just doesn’t sound that appealing.  However, after taking my morning medication, I took another look at this insert, touched it up a bit in my own version of Photoshop, and Voila!

See they didn’t target my demographic very well, I don’t need no bundles, but I am certainly open to Letting It All In.


Comments on: "Let It All In" (19)

  1. Seems the fellow is skipping over some bizarre topography. I would like to pay only for the dozen channels I watch. .

  2. I don’t know how that other noncomment of mine happened. Anyhow, I agree with Carl. Strange typography you have there but it wouldn’t be a Hansi otherwise. I so wish we didn’t have to pay to watch regular TV anymore. What a scam we’ve all fallen for.

    • hey that’s my favorite topography. BTW…in the olden days we used to get our TV free out of the sky with an antenna. Amazing.


  3. The windows of your mind….I like it! It would be an ideal world that we pay only for the channels we watch…..I have about 5 channels I watch…..news, history and science make up my interests…but reality programing is invade that too…it sucks!

  4. Ah, nipples. That’s more like it. The last post was far too whimsical 😉

  5. Let it all in, or this alternative?

  6. oh I just love the second picture. How cute. And he’s got a little devil tail. hahaha.

  7. I think that TV is a scam, period. Blow it up!….

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