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Pie In The Sky

Pie in the sky. Sounds kinda like an unrealistic promise for something you don’t have now, but will have, only at a latter date.  Bummer.  I sure wish there was a fresh boysenberry cobbler in the sky in front of me right now.  Maybe even surrounded with clouds of whipped cream.  Lemon meringue would be nice too.  But ya gotta be in the mood for it.  I can almost feel my teeth dissolve as I take the first  bite.

Damn, that was good!  Hope your piece was just as good.  I think from now on, the only pie I’ll ever eat, will be ones served in the sky.


Comments on: "Pie In The Sky" (24)

  1. Now I’m hungry again.

  2. Whoa…how far up?

  3. Well, if you don’t have a kitchen, you just may have to settle for pie in the sky.

  4. Lucy in the sky??

  5. I was thinking to make a pie next week. Haven’t decided what kind yet. I have recipes for a couple of dozen that I haven’t tried. One is a banana pie with caramel drizzle. Sounds rather interesting. We shall see.

  6. This pie puts apple crunch and pecan in second and third place.

  7. Awesome sketch Hansi!! I want some lemon meringue pie too mmmmmm yum!!

  8. Can I please have more kind sir?

  9. She looks more like blueberry cobbler than a boysenberry one … what funny names

  10. Subtitled: In the Mood for Cleavage

  11. The first time I ever heard of Boysenberries, let alone eat them, was in America. They came with a stack of pancakes (which was another delight I was unfamiliar with). And what’s with this post? No F word, nothing phallic? You really have gone as sweet as pie 😉

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