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Another journal entry type post.  I’m dealing with the prospect of remodeling our kitchen.  I know, “Poor Hansi”.  Pretty low on the scale of stuff that can stress a person out; divorce, death, and that type of stuff being at the top of the scale, and my woes ranking around 40 out of 100 on the scale; though, the way things are proceeding, death or divorce look like fairly attractive alternatives.  This is  a good cathartic way to blow off some steam.  Everything will work out just fine unless, I  murder The Wife.  Then I’ll only have a small 6×8 jail cell to contend with, and decorate however  Bubba and I want.

The real trip in doing this journal stuff, is the mix of low tech with high tech.  Using basic pen and paper (remember that) to write a post, then digitally photograph it, adjust in Photoshop and  post via computer for the whole  world to see  [all twelve of my followers].  Kinda like having the best stereo system available to play all your old Elvis  records on.  Pretty far out, don’t cha think?


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  1. I like it! Stress relief? For me it is throwing a styro foam brick at the TV….especially when I see the GOP guy, Rancid Prius or whatever his name is…

  2. Been through the (house) rehab several times. The one I went through as a kid didn’t have much impact on me. I guess kids are a lot more adaptable. Since my dad was doing it alone, it took four years! The second one was after the Northridge earthquake. That one required a few do-overs, since every time I would get part of the house back together, an aftershock would come and mess it up again. Spent a little over a year on it, then moved to the Midwest, where husb and I tackled a 100-year-old Victorian. I think the Victorian was probably a major contributor to our divorce, although there were a lot of other factors too. Do not wish to ever have another rehab project…or another husband!

  3. Kitchen eh? Check out some of those fancy house mags. They have stuff where you can bring water right into the kitchen now.

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  5. I especially like the thoughtful consideration you used in choosing a blog title. I like it when people go to the trouble for just the right opening. tee hee.

  6. Hang in there, Hansi. This too shall pass, eventually.

  7. Actually, I’m a little jealous. My kitchen is over 20 years old, and sorely in need of an update. Someday, hopefully soon, I will be in your shoes.

    • Ours is way over 30 year old, and still has the Sears metal cabinets and linoleum floors (a real piece of crap), but I’d be happy if you’d stand in my shoes during the process.


  8. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    You’ll survive, dear. And you’ll be glad you did it, really. Enjoy meals out for awhile and no kitchen cleanup!

    • Thanks for the encouragement. I know what you and The Contrarian went through moving to a different state; a kitchen remodel should be a piece of cake.


  9. This is the most laughs I’ve had since I made my bed (ikea) – brilliant and hilarious – post and comments alike…

  10. But trendy young things are paying out huge amounts of money to make their kitchens look thirty years old. They tag it “vintage” or “retro” and everyone goes “Cooool.” Hansi, you’re kitchen’s back in fashion! Save your dosh and stop stressing 😉

  11. I remember your kitchen very well, especially the oven. I was nine and wanted to cook something, but I did not realize that it ran with gas. So you could have had your kitchen make-over faaaar earlier, if my mom had not stopped me. And maybe a new roof, too.

  12. Amazingly … on first glance I wondered what was wrong … ah yes … major remodeling of any room is quite the stressful adventure. Could give a person a reason to have a drink.

    • It’s a good enough reason for me. thanks…I think that’s called enabling.


  13. Resistance is most definitely futile, Captain;)

  14. You’ve really exploded on the colors. Nice work. The typography, while randomly, makes the pieces more engaging. You’ve made it all work, as a teacher would say, into a visually pleasing design to your audience.

  15. i hope that you and your bride are donating your 50s kitchen to a museum or art gallery 🙂

  16. Ziggyshortcrust is right. 50’s stylee is very chic and retro and worth a fortune. Keep it and tart it up a bit with a lick of paint but you’re totally in fashion if you keep it. And it will save you loads of dosh.

    • That’s worthy of consideration, but after living with that stuff for 35 years, I just don’t know. We are gonna have our 50’s style Western Holly stove re-done .


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