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More Graffiti

Nothing against Bank of America, after all, it is America’s bank.  And if ya love America (and who doesn’t?) ya gotta love its bank.  I do.  That’s because that’s where all my money is, or at least where it is after I make my credit card payment.

Thankfully, they send me helpful messages and words of encouragement along with my monthly bills.  Don’t wanna miss a payment [actually they’d love it if I missed a payment, then they’d be able to ream me out with late fees and all kinds of bullshit].   So staying in control is something I wanna be doing all the time.  Especially when on the go!   Don’t wanna loose control and go in my pants!

Even the telephone company would like a cozier relationship with me, and has suggested I “bundle” with them.  Now I’m not quite sure what they mean by “bundling”, but I’m fairly certain it ends up with me getting screwed.  What a service.  I’m just not sure I want that kinda servicing.


Comments on: "More Graffiti" (20)

  1. Now that made me laugh.

  2. Fantastic collage – your humour is such a relief, I am flushed with laughter…

  3. I agree with Clinock. This is a good one. Interestingly enough, I was told that Bank of America’s owned by China. Don’t know if this is true but it’s a scary thought.

  4. jcosmonewbery said:

    Making a deposit?

  5. All my utilities want to cozy up with me too. Not too discriminating. Nice drawings, collages and commentary on these ridiculous little monthly pamphlets.

    • Thanks. I wonder why they just can’t send me the bill only. This is sweet retaliation for their efforts; truly ‘ripe for ridicule’.


  6. I use a Credit Union……I feel much safer there……

  7. michaelbanak said:

    Very funny hansi

  8. I love your graffitti stuff hahahaha

  9. crap – graffiti is part of the next renaissance .. 😉

  10. With .5% as savings interest paid and that eaten up by fees to give a negative balance the banks are full of it and throw it at us as well. I think I will try to draw a few things like this. great idea.

  11. LOL! Creditors hate full payment on time. They hate it, hate it, HATE IT!!!

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