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Letting It Rip

Letting it rip sure feels good, and can be satisfying in a multitude of ways.  I guess the first way that comes to everyone’s  mind is when breaking wind, and letting loose with one hell of a rip-roaring fart.  And what’s just as fun as letting one rip, is blaming it on someone else.   “The dog did it,” is my favorite rejoinder, except everyone calls bullshit on me and starts to pointing their fingers.   I wonder if it’s because I don’t have any pets, unless you consider the outdoor cats that come over and shit in my garden pets?  “Hey, the cat did it!”

The other type of letting it rip that I’m fond of is the cutting loose of inhibitions and hang-ups, and doing something without particular concern for its outcome or how it looks.  This is really what this post is all about, but I couldn’t help myself  nor resist the temptation to put in some good  wholesome all-American bathroom humor.  Don’t get much better than that, and after all these years, joking about farting, excretion and bodily fluids, still brings howls of laughter to not only myself, but my grandsons too.

Dig this:  I actually got paid to watch people piss into little jars.  No shit!  When I was a probation officer, I had to drug test some of my clients.  That entailed a urine test, which had to be monitored by myself or another co-worked, cause a lot of these folks on probation were unsavory characters and couldn’t be trusted.  A cold, clear sample was usually a cause for concern, so I had to make sure his urine went directly from his Ying, right into the Yang jar.   I never had to  test women for some reason.

Well getting to the point, while still savoring all things flatulent, these are the first drawings I’ve done in about two weeks.  Seems like after a three month run of drawing my ass off (and actually featuring drawings of my ass in some posts), I kinda flamed out a little, and was hesitant to get back into drawing again.  Now I generally set a pretty low bar for myself when it comes to quality and my art, but a blank piece of paper was a little daunting after a two week hiatus.  I mean like, I felt I drew everything there was to draw.  So I got some small pieces of paper (about 4 by 6 inches in size) and just let it rip.   That was enough to get me going again, remove the blockage, and let it rip.

What’s that smell?


Comments on: "Letting It Rip" (32)

  1. Hansi, you’re full of wind, but at least you feel free to share it. I admire your honesty, your intestinal fortitude and especially your drawings – aging does loosen inhibitions as well as bowels – rip on…

  2. I understand Bush 43 loves fart jokes.I sent him some but couldn’t even get a fart of a reply.

  3. I blame it on my office chair….it seems to have a mind of its own and a sense of humor to boot…

  4. Although I can’t imagine why they didn’t let you watch the ladies wiz into a jar, I think you will like this one.

  5. Hah, you haven’t smelled anything till you’ve smelled a horse fart. Mine likes to wait till I’m back there brushing his tail before he lets loose.

  6. After nearly 37 years of marriage I still glance over at my wife when I let one rip to see if it still elicits a sheepish grin like it used to. It doesn’t. She scowls instead, except … when it unnerves our shepherd-mix, Millie, who will be lying on the couch or in bed next to me and quickly removes herself from the scene. Then we both get a good laugh.

  7. My dog Jaz was getting on the bed one day and let one rip[, it was very audible, she looked at her butt and then me…..so she was blaming me….she also taught me to play fetch…..a very good dog…LOL

  8. Glad you’re free flowing again!

    And thanks for posting this. I always knew deep down there was connection between art and fart jokes.

    • Art is all about farting. Look at all them Rubens nudes; every last one of em trying to secretly squeeze one out.


    • Art is nothing but one big fart joke 🙂


  9. Are men all alike in this area? What is so god awful funny about farting? My husband thinks it’s a health issue, so feels free to express himself (always around me). Men are like little kids, who are always stating with some triumph–“I made a poopy!” Heaven is filled with only women I’m very sure now.

  10. Kevin Johansen said:

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  11. the new low tone of your blog is on the nose 😉

  12. michaelbanak said:

    The butterfly effect

  13. I seeing this reminded me of your post.

  14. I am a mistress of the S.B.D. The Silent But Deadly. It makes me very proud.

    • I knew it! My wife had me convinced for the longest time that women never fart…until she blew me out of the bedroom with a real ripper 🙂


  15. Time off never hurts! 🙂 Fun post.

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