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Conjuring up new stuff

In my ongoing series of new posts featuring old material.  I thought I’d share some of theses gems.  My post about trashy chics was so warmly recieved by everyone (except women), that I thought I’d do one more.  Either that or not post anything at all.

But how can one be a serious blogger and not post stuff?   And in the blogosphere, it’s use it or loose it.  Cause everybody has a two minute attention spam (that’s when they’re really concentrating), and will move onto something new at the click of their mouse. [Is their a metaphorical link to the picture on the right?]

Capitalizing on this phenomenon one can easily go back into their Archives, retrieve old stuff, and pawn it off as new, and nobody notices.   Kinda like trashy women.  When ya see one going by, you just know you want some of that stuff.  But as soon as a new, shinny-er model rolls by, well ya forget about skank A, and immediately move on to skank B.

So, not wanting to be left behind sitting alone on a blogosphere bar-stool,  You gotta post something or forever be left behind; even if  it’s old and been used before.  Nobody reads my older stuff, and a lot of people haven’t even seen my recent stuff.  So it’s all new stuff to them.  Ain’t it still fun to fool people? and this isn’t even a political blog.  We’re doomed if Obama loses.


Comments on: "Conjuring up new stuff" (15)

  1. I assume that this was a typo, but I love it anyway…”two minute attention spam”! Such an apropos little pun!

  2. We’re doomed either way I think but we’re doomed QUICKER if Obama loses. I’m not sure the man OF “hope” is much different than the man FROM Hope(Ark) in their ties with corporate wealth. Neo-liberalism can be as devastating to a middle-class as “compassionate conservatives” can be.

    As for your art work, it’s excellent as usual – old or new, trashy or sophisticated.

    • When it comes to the two possible candidates,I’m in the doomed category, but hoping for a higher realm of hell with Obama


  3. Ah! Only from the mind of the Hansi! Good stuff, my friend.

  4. BTW, thanx for visiting my food blog…Food Nazi……it is my small attempt to keep my sanity when all the news is of insanity…..

    • I liked your new blog. Having something completely different is always a nice change of pace, especially from politics.


  5. It is seriously time to do some trashy men doncha think? I can think of a number of them with little effort.

    • You’re right! I’ll do a trashy man (low-life) post some day. Hopefully not too autobiographical in nature, but then again “a man ain’t nuthin’ but a dog on two legs”.


  6. I agree with Sherry lol, Love your work!

  7. Fun, as always.

    And yes, doom sure seems to be looming.

  8. Hey! That’s my mind!

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