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When you don’t have any thing new to share, one can always go into their archives and serve up some old stuff.  That’s what I’m doing right now, cause I’m having  ‘writers block’ except it’s with my drawing.  It’s quite obvious that I’m not having real writers block, cause I’m writing about drawers block.

So, with an endless supply of clever bullshit to share, but no new drawings,  I’m posting some of my older pencil favorites.  Now I don’t wanna just paste up some of my older stuff, and say , “Look what I did”.  Hell no, where’s the challenge in that?  [Actually the challenge would be to draw some new shit, and not just display old shit with a bunch of bullshit].  So I decided to do a Trashy Women series.  Don’t get much better than that.

I know, and you are welcome.  It’s all my pleasure.  Anyway, and this is no secret, but all men like trashy looking women.  Yes, we are pigs, but possibly that’s how guys were evolutionarily hard wired.  Back in the caveman days, when everybody was hairy and had a slight stoop when they walked, it was hard to tell the difference between male and female cave-persons.  So when the females came in heat and wanted to breed, they had to do something special, or else all the cave men would just hide out in the back of the cave masturbating all day long.   Nope, they couldn’t just rely on them pheromones, cause everybody was filthy back then, never took baths, and stunk to high heaven. [I wouldn’t touch a Neanderthal with a ten foot pole].

So the cave women had to do something special to gain the cavemen’s attention.  That usually entailed putting  food or flowers in their hair.  Wearing a string of shinny objects around their necks, or even fashioning stones in their ears and noses.  Well, sure as shit,  my Cave brothers fell for it every time.  And much to their later dismay, found a litter full of cave kids running around which they had to support.

Thank God for evolution, cause we’ve certainly come a long way from them Cave Man days.  But you know what?  The same stuff works on us guys today.  When I go fishing in the Sierras, I sometimes use a “spinner”, which is a shinny silver or gold colored lure, with a tiny spoon, that spins when you pull it through the water.   Well them trout just go nuts when one of them things goes by, and they hit it hard.  Well men are no smarter than trout.  There we be, content in a peaceful stream always looking forward and accepting anything that floats down stream to them.  But as soon as that bright flashy object goes streaking by, we decide “I gotta have a piece of that” and, like a stupid fish, bite it, and bite it hard.


Comments on: "Serving up some old stuff" (16)

  1. A woman with the perfect body….and carrying a sub…..it’s Miller time!

  2. Good stuff from the past is always worth a revisit.

  3. Have you tried submitting the top one to the Subway marketing office ? The bottom one – I took a second look thinking it was me but if it was Ida been on the floor not the bar. And what kind of jerk has just one drink in front of him anyway esp happy hour ?

  4. as i love rehashing, trashy and drawings .. i’m well sorted then 😉

  5. I like seeing archive stuff because it shows how artists might have changed

    • Thanks…it is amazing how one’s work evolves or refines, or just plain changes. Gives me hope.


  6. Hansi, if you get the chance please visit my new blog…..http://thefoodnazi.wordpress.com/

  7. That first one was just a terrible misunderstanding: what you said was that you ‘would mind a roll’ and she thought you meant something with a bit of meat and sauce. Oh, what? You did?

  8. I like the cigarette smoking woman in the shorts. Looks a little rough around the edges.

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