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Blow Your Mind

I don’t know about you, but I never read my own blog.  Why waste my time reading that crap, I wrote it.   But one day, when particularly well medicated, I started going through some of my older posts.  Don’t know how I got there, but that’s the power of good medication (I was spaced).   But then I started reading them, kinda like for the first time, with a new set of eyes, and I started to blow my mind.

Frankly, I couldn’t believe the amount of random non-sense and just plain blithering bullshit that laid* therein.  Boy, was I impressed.  Here was some old fucker,  drawing this 60’s laden, pseudo-psychedelic  cartoonie soft porn, and matching it with sexually charged innuendos about things without any socially redeeming values whatsoever, and plastering it all over the Internet for the world to see. .    I could dig it!

*And speaking of getting laid (layed?).  I thought I’d lay this one on ya.  Do you ever go back and read some of your earlier posts?  If you don’t, do so (seriously).  Take some time to go back and read some of that stuff; kinda like with new eyes, but not rose colored glasses.  It’ll blow your mind!   Especially when ya see where you were at a few months ago, or even last year, and where you’re at now.

Damn, it blew my mind what I was putting out there for world wide consumption.  Talk about the lifestyles of retired geezers. It was fairly accurate as to who and what I really am, or where I was at then.

What also blew my mind was to see the difference from where I was at then, to where I’m at now. [I think I said that already].  Wow, things do certainly change.  Nothing is permanent.  Growth?   Who knows?   But it is very interesting to look at.  Kinda like that “Permanent Record” they always told ya about in school that you didn’t want to ruin with a bunch of mis-deeds or offenses.

Give it a try, it might blow your mind.


Comments on: "Blow Your Mind" (17)

  1. I want to comment but can’t remember what you said – tomorrow maybe…

  2. definition of “blog”: 21st century version of old-fashioned journal

    • You’re absolutely right. Before I started blogging, I had a “psychedelic journal”, an actual book of blank pages I’d write and drawing. Still like that format.


  3. It’s laid, by the way.

    Your imagery goes on the real wiid side of the psyche. Freud will love you, and I mean that in a good way. I do read my posts because I have so many errors to correct. It bothers me to not catch them firsthand.

    I’m not on meds when I read over my posts but it certainly seems like I’m on something when I’m writing.

    • Thanks for the clarification. I never knew if it was layed or laid…maybe because its been a while 🙂


  4. I still use a journal…mostly for notes for upcoming posts….I cannot break the habit of writing with an actual pen…..and I still read real books…..damn I am old!

  5. I liked your lifestyle-of-the-retired-geezers period too. Good point about seeing the distance you’ve come, though some of my old posts also make me squirm.

  6. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Yeah, it scares me. It’s all there for eternity, too. I’m going to blush in my grave when people read my past stuff. Too late now! We might as well keep on spewing this stuff. It’s got to get out or it will stay inside and fester.

  7. Does this mean I don’t have to re-read this to comment on something? BTW – I still love looking at the drawing looking for the faces.

    • Bottom line: ya just gotta look at the pictures. Pressing the Like button is optional.


  8. alright you convinced me – i’m off to do just that 😉

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