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How Far is Far Enough?

I thought I’d do a post with no words.  This is it.


Comments on: "How Far is Far Enough?" (19)

  1. I love art that makes me smile…(-:
    Thank you…and thanks for checking out my blog too.

  2. michaelbanak said:

    I like the walking dudes

  3. Your wordless post leaves me speechless.:)

  4. What to comment on a wordless post, that is the question…

  5. Your multifaceted pieces are a whirl of entertainment. But these finished pieces as you day have a focus that make them an art piece instead of a doodle. Both are art, however

    • Wow…thanks. It’s nice to be able to waiver between doodles and good art, I prefer the doodle side more these days.


  6. I hear doodling is the true inside of your head…..to finish them is just icing…..great art my friend!

  7. Nothing boring to me Hansi. I’m still finding them fresh and interesting. I love the last one. Don’t know why. Just do. As long as you are enjoying it, it’s good.

  8. I love your sketches, in any state of finish.

  9. The middle one could be the drum majorette leading the majorettes in Music Man.

  10. Well I stopped by because you used the word ‘frickin’ over at Cosmo’s and it made me laugh. Figured I needed to find out what sort of person would use such a word. I am relieved to know I am not the only person here that has weird stuff going on inside my head. Only I tend to write it out as I am a rather poor artist.


  11. True that, paintings with pencil are still paintings 🙂 Your art is weird BUT that is why i like it so much. My favorite is anything you paint O__o

    paints with her mouse <—

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