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Dispensing With Reality

WARNING:   If relief from suffering, the cessation of pain, having a general sense of well being and doing so legally offends you.  Don’t read this shit!

Well it was another fishing trip for me and my Buddy to the Psychedelic Sierras this past weekend.  And on our way to Lone Pine (home of Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the contiguous United States), we had to go through the town of Mojave, in the Mojave Desert.  The town isn’t very big;  in the middle of nowhere, it’s pretty much just  a string of gas stations, fast-food joints, cheap motels and a liquor store on just about every other corner.   Next to the main drag lies the Southern Pacific switching yards, where mile long trains await departure on cross-country rail routes.

Needles to say, Mojave is a place to take a piss (or more correctly, leave a piss, as I prefer not to carry bladders full of urine with me on long trips, makes everybody grouchy), get some gas and stretch your legs.   So as we leave town to head up the eastern Sierras, what do I see but a small sign that reads Prop 215, with a small green cross below.   Bingo!

Okay, FYI.  Prop 215, or Proposition 215, was the ballot initiative passed by the enlightened, humane and compassionate people of California in 1996,  that made the medicinal use of marijuana legal with a doctors recommendation.  I know, groovy, far fucking out, and thank you Jesus.  And although Hansi seems like a mellow,  playful type of guy, he’s really a very sick old man who suffers from a multitude of ailments, who had his special doctor recommend an herbal treatment alternative to the dangerous crap that has more side-effects than benefits, that the pharmaceutical industry cooks up in their trail-park labs, and sells to an unwitting public at exorbitant prices.

Anyway, rant aside, after seeing that sign, I immediately made a hard right turn into a small parking lot.  And lo and behold, out in the middle of the desert we find the “Chronically Inclined” marijuana dispensary.  Thank you again Jesus, and Buddha too!   So, having our medical cards handy, we parked and went to the front door, where some heavily tattooed guy (who looked like one of my former probation clients) with a serious look on his face, asks us for our drivers licenses and medical marijuana cards.

Now I don’t know about you, but this was the first time I’d ever been in a dispensary.  I know, hard to believe.  But you know the old saying about giving a man a fish today, and he’ll be hungry tomorrow; but teach a man to fish and he’ll never go hungry.  Well, when it comes to herbal medication, old Hansi certainly lives by that motto, and I ain’t just talking about growing trout.

Once inside the ‘showroom’, our minds where blown away.  It was like being in a candy store for dope fiends poor souls seeking relief.  They had everything from pipes to jars full of OG Kush and Blueberry Haze.  The place reeked with that sweet skunky smell of THC laden weed.  I was getting high just being there.  Well we did a little shopping while there (for clones only), and were soon on our way to have a great time fishing in the California’s glorious High Sierras.


Comments on: "Dispensing With Reality" (18)

  1. May you find sweet embrace with the mean green. However, Mr H , I take issue with you calling the United States “contiguous” as you have in paragraph one. Next you will be saying the immigrants are bringing in these diseases. We have a lot of them in Miami (actually 51% foreign born now) and nobody seems to have contiguated any sickness to date.

    • Woa there. Maybe some of the dispensary effects are still clouding my mind, but what I meant is continental (the lower 48 states) USA. Are you trying to blow my mind? 🙂


  2. High Herb, oops, sorry, Hansi – Brilliant post title, writing and drawings – Man, that must have been some fishin TRIP…Why is the line drawn little man punching out the bow tie man in the last drawing?

  3. I think I’ve said it before, but:

    • What a flash-back, But now, in the new millennium, it’s that vaporizer you don’t want anybody “Bogarting”.


  4. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    I got high just reading this. Happy that you took a break and got some fresh air, Hansi!

  5. How big was the one that got away?

    • This big (…………………………………………………………………………………………….)


  6. I need to reinvigorate my plans to retire in New Mexico, ASAP.

    • Being fully legal is an entirely new world, and a far better one at that 🙂


  7. drawingsofdubiousquality said:

    That sounds amazing. The store must have smelled really good.

  8. michaelbanak said:

    Woww. I so want to come fishing with you guys. 🙂

  9. Have a safe trip. And stay out of trouble.

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