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I hate graffiti!  All it takes is one little shit-head with some spray paint or a Sharpie pen, to ruin property and create an eye-sore in the community.

Another thing that I hate is getting a bunch of bullshit in the mail.  And especially bullshit which comes included in my monthly bills.  You know what I mean, a bunch of advertising wanting you to buy some crap or another.  Hell, I can barely pay the bill itself, why the hell they think I wanna pay for even  more stuff ?

You may be thinkin’, “Damn old  Hansi is having a real bummer.”  Well, no way Jose, not with my medication.  I don’t wanna have a bad attitude, I like thinking positive.  And there’s nothing like turning two negatives into a positive than  by doing a little graffiti on some of the stupid mail I get.  [What a shit-head]

I guess you can tell that I’m not too fond of Bank of America.  Nor did I find changing medical plans a very satisfying experience.


Comments on: "Graffiti" (27)

  1. that first drawing is an award winner 🙂 did you send a copy to the signatory ? i would if i was you.

  2. That’s not greafitti, it’s social commentary!

  3. LOL! Those are funny!

  4. Brilliant recycling information…

  5. Laughing a lot at this end. First one is my fav. On a related note, see this from Denver. http://now.msn.com/living/0610-sidewalk-chalk-ban.aspx

  6. Hope they’re reading. Maybe you could send them a link …

  7. Well, you could get rid of the advertising junk in the billing mail by changing all your accounts to email notification. Worked for me…otherwise, hilarious post.

    • Thanks, but all that junk-mail has now become free paper and a new medium for expression 🙂


  8. hahaha I lolled 😀

  9. grafeedy is a non violent way of getting even

  10. What a cool concept. I think it’s good advertisement for you and the business paraphanalia you drew on.

  11. drawingsofdubiousquality said:

    Hilarious! You should send them back!

  12. The image on top is awesome!

  13. These are amazing! Love your style of drawing and your humour.

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