mind expanding nonsense

Okay, you just may have noticed that I’ve been doing a lot of drawings featuring my name.  Maybe I should change my blog’s name to Hansi’s Fascinations instead of hallucinations (same difference).  But here’s the thing, Hansi is not my real name.  The one on my my genuine Los Angeles County birth certificate doesn’t have an i at the end.  But when you’re a little Hans, that’s what you’re called.  And what do you call a lot of Hans?  It’s called beating Hansi to death.  If a little is good, a lot is more than plenty.

Maybe I’ve gone over the line with these two.  Look a little pornographic to me.   But I got a dirty mind.  Well not actually dirty.  Filthy yes, but these are pretty clean drawings.


Comments on: "Beating Hansi To Death" (8)

  1. That was gross! Disgusting, and had no socially redeeming value whatsoever!

  2. Absolutely marvelous drawings! I understand the name change thingy…..when you name is chuq you are either a terrorist or some Islamic fundamentalist…..of which I am neither but that does not make any difference to small minds….so I changed it awhile back to chuk….pronounced the same but more acceptable to small minds…..

  3. So that’s why I wasn’t very successful……

  4. Love the cute little puppy ‘boob’ face in #1…

  5. michaelbanak said:

    Haha you just turned it up a notch hansi

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