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What, More Hansi?

What.  More Hansi?  Hell yea!  This is Hansi’s Hallucinations, and if Hansi be hallucinating Hansi, well what do ya expect?  It’s the best of both worlds.

Anyway, this isn’t about that.  Its about mixing writing with drawing, kinda like cubist Georges Braque did at the turn of the last century.  And being totally ensconced in my own mind right now, I’m seeing visions of Hansi, not to be confused with Hansi’s visions, which are more like hallucinations than anything visionary.  Letters  floating above a background of mixed images.  Maybe  I’m on a theme or series.  Maybe its like doing a thirty days of Hansi challenge; one Hansi drawing a day for a whole month.  But no, that would be more Hansi than I could even stand.

Maybe its a rut.  But drawing the same thing lends itself to subtle explorations (as if any of this shit is subtle), and that sharpens your skills, even thought it’s drawing the same thing  over and over again, but differently.  Right now I’m exploring color.  Moving from black and white to a world filled with color.  Not unlike switching political parties from the right to the left.

And speaking of color, The Wife went to the local 99 cent store and bought a cheap kids water-color set, for 99 cents (such a deal).  She unleashed the three year old grandson on a stack of paper, and he started cranking out “Paintings”.

He’s seeing visions of Logan, and like grandpa, is incorporating his name into  his work too.  The one below is a volcano.   Scary.


Comments on: "What, More Hansi?" (17)

  1. The “volcano” also looks like a little Scottie dog with a red blanket on it, too. The kid may have a future…

  2. top one would make great masthead for your blog

  3. Volcano would hang on my wall…I love it! BTW, Hansi has a healthy boob addiction….my kind of guy!

  4. Nice try attributing that watercolor to your grandson, but we all know you stole it from your court appointed shrink when he was giving you an inkblot test.

  5. In the first one, I especially love the stream of consciousness. So I have to ask. Did it begin at the head, the flowers/leaves or radiate from the center?

  6. By a 3-year old? Wow … the artistic gene survives once again! Love the first one with so many faces!

  7. The ‘Logan’ painting blew me away – it’s brilliant. Picasso was right on when he said, “It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child”….

  8. michaelbanak said:

    I like that you are showing more boobs in your sketches hansi. Good work.

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