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Going to the Doctor

I’ve been going the the doctor lately.  Not because I’m sick or anything like that.  I’ve been going to an orthopedist to get shots of hyaluronic acid  in my left knee. [ Good thing it’s not the only knee I have left].  It’s a treatment for arthritis, and is administered in a series of three, once weekly injections.  I wonder if stepping into the medical system can have an impact on ones artwork?

I’ll let you be the judge as to whether life events have long term effects on one’s psyche.  All I know is, going to the doctor is a pain in the ass (literally), and I don’t like it.


Comments on: "Going to the Doctor" (27)

  1. Best wishes, Hansi! I have it in my feet and I would not be happy about that kind of visit either!

  2. I’ll have to ask my horse what he thought about HA injections. He used to get them in the equine equivalent of knee and ankle. But he was always sedated first…!

    • They worked for me; probably worked for him. HA is a miracle drug if ya ask me.


  3. So sorry to hear abut the arthritis. My husband has it in his head, you think they could inject it into his jugular? Oh, motel living is addling my brain. Wait! in the name of house.

  4. Next comes the depression. You won’t be getting the call from the Jets to be their field goal man and once the word gets out you’ll be finished.

  5. I can empathize. I going to my doctor this pm to see what she can suggest for my arthritis

  6. That’s what years of genuflecting in the House of Pain will get you!

    • That’s a thought, but I’m paying foe insurance up the kazoo, and I wanna get my money’s worth….which is usually, up the kazoo.


  7. Your artwork is just amazing and does tell the story! The final piece with the disparate body parts as a face is really quite incredible. I wish you well with your treatments, Hansi. Pain is serious business! Debra

    • Thank you. The pain isn’t so bad, and the shots do help. All a part of getting older. Sure beats the alternative 🙂


  8. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    You’re more than just body parts, Hansi. I have pain and stiffness in my left knee, too. As long as our hands are good, though…

    • Thanks for the encouragement. Seems like we all have our own afflictions to keep us humble.


  9. I was going to repeat what my grandmother told me, but you already said it….”sure beats the alternative;)”

  10. I have only found one doctor in my many years that has a personality….my guess it is removed in medical school…

  11. Good luck with your treatments. I have crappy knees myself, so I can relate. I never had these treatments, but I did have arthroscopic surgery on one of them. I was told to have the other done too, but have resisted so far.

    • The treatments actually work fairly well for me, but the day is coming when a knee replacement will be needed 🙂


  12. I avoid doctors like the plague – they look for things that are wrong with you and make you ill. Best left alone if possible.

  13. The third one is amazing. Love the color and the juxtaposition.

    As to doctors, they do not know squat. If they did, they would not have to practice.

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