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I know…How egoistical and overflowingly (like when the sewer backs up on ya) filled with one’s self than to title a Post  with your own name.  Maybe, but this isn’t really about that, although I personally feel the name Hansi has a nice ring to it, and a real clang, if said with a German accent.  That’s the way I heard it when growing up, especially when my mother was jumping in my shit for some misdeed or another.  Ah the joys of being a Little Hansi.  But hey!  I’m still a Little Hansi, but a lot more since I retired, and am no longer wasting my life fighting crime in the fucking probation department.

Well, profanity and  introspection aside.  This is more about drawing than any weird shit passing through my brain.  See, subject matter really doesn’t matter so much with me and in my drawing.  It’s more about line, form, and now color.  And subject matter (the crap I actually draw) is just the vehicle to explore these things.  It’s all about process for me.

Well here’s the stuff I processed a few nights ago.  Hope it doesn’t cause ya indigestion.


Comments on: "Hansi" (23)

  1. You sure are producing a lot of work. Must be nice to be retired. That’s the cool thing about being an artist and being retired. The creative juices will continue to preoccupy you. Artists never really stop being artists.

    • That’s certainly true. There were some long stretches when working , when I never touched a drawing pad. But now….watch out.


  2. In the first pic, is that a giant Viagra capsule ? How much did those perfect boobs cost ?

    • No Viagra for this boy. I can’t remember the boob cost, but I do know it was a two for the price of one special, 🙂


  3. First thought was Hansi’s name in lights … last thought was great rack.

  4. We all need an ego boost from time to time….even if we do it ourselves…..great drawings!

  5. I has an idea. You just draw in black and white and we can color them ourselves. Course I dont’ have a printer, so I guess I can just use some colored white out. I have too much time on my hands.

    • Next time I post a black and white ink drawing, just grab some crayons and go to work with em on your computer screen.


  6. I’d heard there’d been an unusual increase in UFO sightings in North America lately. It’s obvious who they’ve been visiting!

    • You’re right, and I’ve ben noticing more visitors here In Roswell New Mexico.


  7. haha, in the last one I like the way everything else is kooky except for the perfectly drawn boobs.

  8. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Weiner dogs, balloon dogs – there’s always something mysterious and odd in your art. Love it.

  9. Just gets better and better – I can see that you are having yourself a ball and we are all delighting in it – love it, love it, love it…

    • Groovy. Yea, I am having fun, and I’m glad other folks are digging it too.


  10. in case i haven’t stated this before .. i love your boobs and you look real good in a mini skirt .. 😉

  11. I love your ballerina in — what is that — third position I think. Of course I studied ballet for roughly five minutes, so I’m probably wrong.

    • The only ballet position I know is the ‘missionary position’. 🙂


  12. Go Hansi, go make more fun, expressive, beautiful drawings!

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