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Inside Your Head

Being inside your head means being totally wrapped-up in an inner dialogue wherein you’re an active participant (really the only participant but you don’t know that because the consuming story is far too interesting), or at least that’s what it means to me.

When I’m inside my head all the time, the sad thing is I’m not outside my head where the world is going on.  I’m in my own little world.  It’s like checking out for a while: “No thank you world, I’ve had enough for a while; I’m checking out.”  Sometimes checking out is great, kinda like when ya leave  a shitty motel, after a night where it was noisy, unclean, and ya couldn’t sleep.  Boy am I ever glad when I check-out of one of those.  They suck.

Sometimes its beneficial  to check out from time to time and get inside your head.  The question is: How much is enough?  Guess that depends on how shitty your mental motel is. [ Mine has a spa and great room service with excellent refreshments].   It also depends on how deeply you go inside your head; you could get lost in there and never come out.  That’s way too deep for me, not to mention scary.  I prefer to leave the keys at the front desk way before then.  What’s sweet though, is when inside your head, you can tap into some creative juices, and that can be just plain refreshing.

And speaking of refreshments, I was inside my head when I had this great fantasy about the little boy on the cover of Time magazine, standing on a chair nursing from his mothers breast right after a workout at the gym.

I sure wished I was that little boy.  Taking a drink,  nonchalantly doing what comes natural without a care in the world.  Maybe a touch salty if Mom hadn’t showered after her workout, but  that’s  kinda  like having  a Margarita with salt on the rim of your glass, a nice contrast to the sweet flavors inside, but instead of being ice cold, it’d be body temperature.   How refreshing.

How’s that for being inside ones head?  Much more satisfying to me than watching Fox News or something like that.  I probably ought to get a copy of that Time issue to see what the real story is all about.  Somehow I don’t think it has anything to do with old retired guys.  Maybe it’s a right wing conspiracy to get little kids to wear camouflage pants early in life so they’ll be ready to fight our next war to protect corporate interests overseas.  Nothing like a bellyful of breast milk  to make ya wanna go off and bring democracy to the world.  But then again, I was inside my head, not inside Time magazine.  And you’ve been inside my head far longer than what is normally recommended as being safe.

Have a nice day.


Comments on: "Inside Your Head" (26)

  1. Even as quite a player myself I thought the Time cover was very trashy and pornographic. Pornographic in the sense that a child was included. Strange that I do not feel the same way about your take off drawing.

    Wednesdays I am now featuring guest posts for artists and poets. I would like you to participate. Please send a fav sketch ( I like the top one here), a short bio and pic. Send each as jpeg. To see what I mean see my posts 5/9, 5/16 and today 5/23. I plan to rotate same dozen people every 3 months. Hope you will join the fun. Perhaps leave Debbie Adams a kind comment today. I am sure she would check our your blog and that is the point of it all – connect talent. I need a post for June 6.

    • I was tripping on the kids camouflage cargo pants myself.


    • Carl thinks pornographic. I think exploitative. The Time cover could definitely magazines. But then, shock for the sake of it has started being a turn-off.

      Since I’m in the middle east, I’m inclined to think the guy with the ax in your drawing is more dominant and the suckling mother and child are secondary figures. Guess I’ve been over here too long already.

  2. A breast-fed margarita …. thanks for the thought, Hansi!

  3. Oh lord you just had to mention motels didn’t ya? Do you have any idea how crazy I am right now? Live inside my head? Well, I have no choice at this point. Two days to go before their 2 weeks is up. I find the Times cover awful. It was wrong to include the child. Your fantasies are hmmmm, how should I say it, male. Oh I guess I’ll go walk around the parking lot again.

  4. Love the brain knead!

  5. We all have an altered ego inside our heads…that keeps us from going insane in this world of insanities….

  6. A. The first pic reminds me of “Alien”

    B. LMAO about the strategic implications of extended breast feeding.

  7. Lovely drawings, i’m reminded of mervyn peake with the bottom one, its lovely to see.

  8. Hello I nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award” award.

  9. Great post, Hansi.

    This bit is extra piercing: “Somehow I don’t think it has anything to do with old retired guys. Maybe it’s a right wing conspiracy to get little kids to wear camouflage pants early in life so they’ll be ready to fight our next war to protect corporate interests overseas. Nothing like a bellyful of breast milk to make ya wanna go off and bring democracy to the world.”

    Funny and deadly.

    The Time cover is just despicable. Pitting women against women, making a spectacle of an act which is simple and fundamental to life, the woman featured selling her soul and for what? Proving herself right about some opinion she’s got. And using her child into the bargain. And underneath it all, a giant corporation wanting to increase sales and make more money.

    • Thanks for your input.  I didn’t read the Time story, maybe because I knew I’d get angry and pissed off.  My wife nursed our two kids…until they got teeth 🙂  Ouch


  10. I’m with solidgold…all the way – that’s it…

  11. Oh dear, I thought inside MY head was bad enough ……… 😉

  12. hansi – i do not want to think about your lactating beverage provider, or your wild fantasy about boobs .. 😉

    • You don’t??? Well maybe it’s better to focus on one’s own fantasies about boobs.


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