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In order to be creative and keep your stuff fresh.  You gotta take chances.  For if you don’t take chances (with ones work, whatever medium it may be in), you’ll never have any break-through m0ments.   I know that at my age, I should be totally risk-averse; don’t know how many more chances I got left in this life.  Gotta play it safe.  But maybe I still have a shit-load of chances left, and could risk having a wealth of unused chances laying around, which will only be squandered by my heirs.

Oh well, you can see I’ve been reading Yahoo Finance articles way too much.  Kinda makes one paranoid with out the joy of having gotten high first.

So…if ya wanna be creative, you got to take chances, and with chance taking, there’s the  risk of failure.  I hate it when that happens.  I’d prefer to just throw what I was working on in the trash.  Cause that’s were it belongs.  But, if one looks at their failures straight on, there’s a multitude of lessons to be learned, besides the “I’ll never do that again”.  [Famous last words for me.  What I really mean when I say that  is: “I’ll give it just one more try, but I gotta recover first”.]

Finally, and getting to the point.  You may not believe this, but not everything old Hansi cranks out is  a masterpiece in crayon.  Some of them are real bombs; turds that just need to be flushed down the drain.  I’ve posted a couple of these losers before I forever delete them.  I tried some alchemy here, trying to turn shit into Solid Gold.

The night I did most of these, my artist Mojo just wasn’t working.  I tried to work into the first one.  It turned into four small sketches on one piece of paper. Had a vision about the second one featuring my name, but didn’t pull it off to my satisfaction.  [I’ll never try that again.]  The third one is just bad. Naked women and an ice cream sandwich just don’t go together (maybe naked women first, Then ice cream sandwitches).  But, staying at it, the one below turner out Okay.  My medication probably just finally kicked in.


Comments on: "Trash" (20)

  1. Don’t know if you do this or not, but I keep a drawer full of “rejects” and find that sometimes (years) later I can go through them, find one and wonder why I thought it was a reject. Turns out to be something I really like. Time just does that, somehow. You’re so prolific you would probably need a warehouse to do this, but you might try putting just a few of them away now and then and coming back later to see what time does to your opinion.

    • Thanks…that’s good advice. Most of my stuff is done fairly quickly, but looking over it gives me ideas to re-explore older themes.


  2. Hey, I made it into your post by stealth. At least I think I did. You need to feature an Aussie a post now? 😉 I salute your courage in posting your duds. You’re a lovely man, Hansi ….

  3. Your last sketch takes me back to my youth….well done!

  4. I just love your color. I like the first one best, but they are all provacative in one way or the other. I now have a cold. New Mexico germs. lol…Off to shop. keep drawing.

    • thanks for taking the time to stop by during your move. I think you two will love New Mexico.


  5. The flower child drawing is a keeper Hans. But somehow the high heels don’t fit in with the dress of that day. Not with the “children of love” anyway.

  6. When I don’t like a piece of art they tell me, “You just don’t get it.” So maybe the problem when you don’t like one of your drawings is that you don’t get it! Next time you have that problem, just ask, we’ll tell you.

  7. If you hit every time, the target’s too close. The greatest risk is not to risk. Two aphorisms I heard somewhere that have reminded me to trust the act of art.

    • Oh so true! Also sounds like something I saw written on a bathroom wall 🙂


  8. In that first drawing, I see Pull-My-Finger Hansi.

  9. Sometimes you end up liking the rejects when you look a them a while later

  10. “Sandwitches”? You’ve got to have a go at drawing one of those?

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