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Old School

I really hate that term: Old School.  Maybe because it describes me so well.  Maybe because I am Old School (better than being  Old Fool); a relic from a former era.

In this day of chronic attention deficit disorder, where whole new worlds are just a ‘click’ away, anything older than fifteen minutes can be considered “Old School”.  That’s why I took this opportunity to slap together some older (school) stuff I did in March.

Hmmm.  One may even consider all this pencil stuff  I’ve done the Golden Age of Hansi


Comments on: "Old School" (19)

  1. Usually when I view your black and white sketches Hans I’m thinking your putting your unfinished thoughts on paper whereas with the newer colored art it looks more finalized. Either way, I enjoy both

    • That’s interesting, cause the sketches are unfinished thoughts, some os which I come back to at a later date.


  2. Is this a game? I see no type when I write this. I love the last one. Hansi enrarapped in nakedness.

    • I don’t know if I’m en-rapped or entrapped. Either way being so naked is a fine way to go. Most of my most memorable moments have occurred when I had no clothes on whatsoever.


  3. lol..oh the type is visible again. that would be enwrapped. thank you.

  4. Naked is good!

  5. You mean there’s a New School?

  6. Really like your quick sketches – lively line work and open ended…

  7. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    I’m with clinock – your black and white sketches done with loose pencil are your best. The line work has so much character. This is what you should be doing!

    • Wow…I think you’re right. Doing all these “finished” colored pieces is starting to feel more and more like work instead of fun.


  8. You’re not old school. You’re bold school.

  9. I like the first one and black and white and colour. Be proud of old school hansi! 🙂

  10. You would probably get annoyed with me. I use the term “old school” so much. I can’t help it. It’s how I grew up. 😉

    Also, I feel I was somehow really born in another decade and just appeared in the 80s, like I teleported and didn’t know it. I feel, well, “old school”

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