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On a Tear

I’ve been on a creative tear (not tear) since February of this year.  Drawing a lot, adding color (a la coloured pencils) and posting more often.  [Don’t want to get into that daily posting boogie.  That would consume a lot of my time, not to mention all the hell I’d catch from the Wife for plopping my ancient ass in front of the computer all day].

I gotta say though, it’s been a trip.  Finding one’s creative groove is a wondrous thing.  And being able to immediately send it out into Cyber-space for general consumption, is something that artists have only recently been able to do.  And with all this speed in exhibiting ones work, I’ve found that I’ve been drawing faster, and maybe quality is suffering?

Creativity, for me, comes in busts. And it’s exciting when that’s happening, cause it’s the process, rather than finished product, that’s exhilarating for me.  But today I was thinking that maybe I’m ‘trying too hard’ to be a better artist (draftsmen really).  I even went to the Library recently and checked out some drawing and pencil books: how to draw types.  And sure as shit, creativity and spontaneity took a nose-dive.  I don’t need to learn how to draw better, but I do need to learn how to keep it fresh.


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  1. Know the feeling! I’ve got a half a dozen posts that can’t get past the first paragraph.

  2. Once you’ve developed a distinctive drawing style it’s kind of dangerous to take a drawing class, unless that class is less about realistic accuracy and more about expressing yourself through drawing. There are very few of the latter…glad you recognized that you don’t need to learn how to draw better!

    • Thanks for the advice. Sometimes a drawing book will provide me with subject matter to which I apply my own style/interpretation.


  3. It’s that fear thing is all. You’re a match for it.

  4. ” [Don’t want to get into that daily posting boogie. That would consume a lot of my time … “

    Yeah buddy. Be careful with getting caught up and missing out on what happenin’ outside the home.

    • Thanks…Blogging is great fun, but so is reality outside of cyber-space.


  5. You’ve got a boxful of good stuff – drawing ability, colour sense, line variety and humour, but I understand your need for “keeping it fresh”…you might try slowly adding other media – a little water colour here and there. some collaged backgrounds, coloured inks…or you could go the other way and work only in black/white with Indian Ink, markers etc…I personally love your work as it stands and there’s always the danger of overworking; however, you have to keep it alive and growing for your self…happy experimenting!

    • Well said, I’ll take that to heart from one artist to another. I know what you mean from having looked extensively at your work on your blog.


  6. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Excellent advice for me today, Hansi. I’ve been absent from painting for weeks now. I’m in a slump waiting for some motivation. Don’t force it, though, is what I’m thinking, too. I’ll be back. You keep on doing what you’re doing!

    • Been there done that. Something will happen for you. Artistic slumps are just a way of resting up for a new bout of creativity. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with once your artistic Mojo is working on us again.


  7. The demon that brings on writer block sucks! I try to keep at least 10 drafts so when it hits I have my posts until it moves on to Hansi…LOL

  8. You state, “Creativity, for me, comes in busts.” First drawing is good evidence of that.

  9. I think an artist has gotta do both-work on skill and then let creativity flow. Sometimes it happens at the same time:)

  10. would you do me a tremendous favour and do a hansi representation of what you think i might look like and maybe some text to go along with it that i can post as an honoured guest on tbaoo – big cheery please 🙂

    • Wow. I’m honored (honoured) :) I’ll see what I can come up with Hans(i)


  11. You have such pretty handwriting. It’s almost “feminine” if that’s even a correct description of it. I mean, we all have both feminine and masculine so I don’t even know what I’m saying, I’m blithering like you. hehe.

    But so many other sketchers/drawerers/cartoonists/visual artists I know have such terrible, illegible handwriting, so yours just takes me by surprise. Guess I shouldn’t stereotype. My handwriting tends to fluctuate like I do.

    • Hand writing is an art form too. think calligraphy, although I’m not that.


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