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Hey, I Forgot These

I case you’ve been reading this with your eyes closed, Hansi has gone over to full color.   I know, pretty cool.  Well, these gems almost slipped by me.  See, I’ve been spending a lot of evenings not watching television but drawing, or in this case, coloring in old drawings.

Well there’s no turning back now, especially since I’ve raised the bar sorta speak.   Maybe it’s part of my new life-style design, except instead of designing it, I’m just illustrating it.



Comments on: "Hey, I Forgot These" (23)

  1. “I case you’ve been reading this with your eyes closed, Hansi has gone over to full color. I know, pretty cool.”

    Yes, definitely

    • Thanks…and thanks again for using one of my drawings on your blog.    You can open your eyes now 🙂


  2. Good to see I am not the only one with brain farts….LOL

  3. The detail and color really make these pieces. You’re great at these caricature-type pieces. Reminds me of editorial cartoons.

    • Thanks. Editorial cartoons are the highest form of the art; if done well.


  4. Kinda looks like Alice in Wonderland now, but I like it!

  5. Beer gut barrel chested angel. Does God know ?

  6. Great sketches. They are developing into refined finished pieces as compared to your earlier stuff. Much better sketching rather than watching tv 🙂

    • Yeah…with the addition of color, I ‘m just gravitating to more finished work. Don’t know if I like it or not. Drawing beats TV anytime.


  7. Did Mitt inspire the last one? The second one is creepy brilliance.

    • Only in that you can’t really tell what it is or stands for 🙂


  8. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Color really livens these sketches – glad to see you’re getting more colorful in your life, though it’s hard to imagine you could be more so than you are!

    • Exploring color has been exciting, drawing wise. Right now, it would be hard to go back to just plain ol’ pencil drawing.


  9. Sherry said:

    That second one would be me. Head going in multiple directions. It’s fun but soo busy. Thanks for the art break.

  10. okjimm said:

    The top pic reminds me of my old college debate partner……. I am amazed that you were able to clean him up so well.

  11. sorry but i only have a black and white computer monitor, so it’s all the same to me 😉

  12. I don’t know if it’s the color or what, but to me you just keep getting better and better!

  13. You are a scream 🙂

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