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Optical Delusions

Things are often not what they appear to be.  Sometimes, something might look a certain way, but it proves to be otherwise.  That happens a lot in politics.  Some folk would like us to believe they hold the answer to our economic salvation, when in reality, they were the fools that got us into this mess in the first place.

Delusion is an interesting subject.  For me, it’s like thinking you know everything about of subject, when in fact you don’t even have a clue.  An “Optical Delusion” is when it looks like you know, having all the outward trappings of knowing, but are clueless (yet again) and further off target.  Optical delusions are fairly common everyday occurrences.  You see em all around ya; if you know what to look for.   That’s the hard part; discerning truth from delusion.  Illusion, thrown into the mix, only adds to the confusion.  Check this one out for an infusion.


Comments on: "Optical Delusions" (14)

  1. I really like how you’re using colors in your sketches. Very vibrant and as always, intriguing.

  2. Your multi subject sketches are intriguing but this type of focus lets your art ability take form.

  3. Hansi, your expressions of delusion
    Especially when mixed with infusion
    Produce not only confusion
    But also cerebral contusion.
    So this poem has no conclusion.

  4. The blue and red sipping from the same drink makes your point very well. Outstanding Hansi!

  5. Okay, what can I say? First, well done! Second, may I have the name of your doctor?

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  7. cool drawings. the soda pop one really does play tricks with your mind

  8. i’m infusiastic .. 😉

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