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Well, It’s springtime.  Except for you folks down under: Well, It’s fall time for you.  You had your turn, and now the big fiery ball in the sky is on our side of the field.  No wonder all the idiotical pagans thought the sun was a goddess.  It’s bringing life back to the Earth and everything is blooming and swelling with life.  Dumb shits.  Everybody knows things are growing because we poured tons of chemicals on the ground, watered the hell out of it and sprayed everything with pesticides and herbicides, so only what we wanted to grow would do so uninterrupted by pests or other plants.

But wouldn’t it be a trip, if the earth really were an individual or entity of sorts, and we honored her as such.  Did you say HER?  Everybody knows God is a guy.  Well maybe,  but the female is much more suited to being  a Infinite Being than male energy.  All the male gods are too busy fighting over territory.  The goddess is just busy reproducing and nurturing us; asking very little in return.  She gets my vote for favorite infinite being.


Comments on: "Spring" (20)

  1. These are marvelously clever depictions of Mother Earth, Hans. I love it.

  2. It’s great to drop in here Hansi for a good dose of insanity. Your drawings are starting to remind me of William Blake, very imaginative. All the best, Russell.

  3. This post packs a punch, Hansi. Beautifully said and illustrated.

  4. She gets my vote also for “favorite infinite being” – and you get my vote for portraying Her so lovingly…

  5. Happy spring! Great pics.

  6. The opening brain is mine. Now that’s a good Mother Earth. As for goddess, how about Katherine Jenkins last night!

  7. Snoring Dog Studio said:

    Wonderful illustrations! I’m happy to see that you portrayed Mother Nature with a few nice curves.

  8. Well done! I would say happy Spring but since we had no winter it would be a shallow greeting……LOL

  9. That reminds me – must get down to my allotment and do some weeding 🙂

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