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Some people have asked me, “Hansi, how have you stayed happily married for forty three years?”  Amazing, huh?  Yes indeed!  And it would be more amazing if someone actually did ask me that question.  Usually, the response to finding out the length of my marriage (not measured in inches) is something like, “You’ve been married forty frickin’ years?”

Yep, and the key to a long marriage is practicing the Buddhist concept of non-attachment.  And as illustrated above, that means not holding on to things which can make ya upset.  Usually, anything the wife says goes in one ear and out the other; and everything’s just fine.

When a verbal zinger comes your way like: “Are you just gonna sit around the house all day loaded, drawing pornography, wasting time on your stupid blog”.  No need to let that throw ya off balance.  Don’t hold on to it.  Just  do a little mental yoga, and remove that mot, ignoring  the beam in the others ass eye.   Those bite marks will heal; they’re really only kisses.


Comments on: "In One Ear and Out The Other" (18)

  1. A masterpiece drawing & sound advice too.

  2. My parents will be married 67 years. Most of mine lasted 67 days. And that was a week or two too much with a couple. Seriously I say good for you. I think I may have wanted such but not in the cards for me. I do have the kids and grand kids part and that is just fine. And I don’t have to share the chocolate with anyone and pretend to like things I don’t and make up silly things to say that I don’t mean.

    • Being married that long is kinda like having a ‘default setting’ on your life.


  3. Everything that goes into my wife’s ears gets processed and preserved. Part of the processing is to distort it into something vile. After tasting it to satisfy herself that it is bitter as predicted, she preserves it for future use in some kind of biological freezer that I presume sits atop her soul.

    Do not mistake this confession as something negative. I love my wife very much. It is merely an observation about one of the quirks of her psyche.

    • LOL…Looks like you did a recent post on the joys of marriage. Loved it. Sounds like your wife is a real ‘keeper’ 🙂


  4. A real good one, Hansi. Started the day with a laugh. Thanks! The drawings are great.

  5. Oh HH, I had no idea – thought of you as a bachelor or divorcee living in a cold water garret in Paris. I’m not sure I can continue our relationship – this is an iconoclastic revelation…

  6. I have always liked your art Hans but here lately it has become so much more crisp and eye-catching.

    • Thanks…I think it’s the combination of basis ink drawing with color added. More psychedelic that way 🙂


  7. On congrats on 43 years! “Sitting around all day with the stupid blog” … yep … I’ve heard that too. But I respond by saying, “At least I don’t draw pornography.” … Oh – the second pic reminds me of a young, but blonde Mitt Romney.

    • Here’s the rub. I catch hell for spending time blogging and connecting with people all over the world, while it’s perfectly OK for The Wife to spend endless hours playing spider solitaire on the computer. Go figure


  8. I am still working on the 2nd drawing…..

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