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Kids are natural-born consumers, and will eagerly gobble up anything that’s thrown their way, if packaged right.  My nine year old grandson is now into Puffles:  a stuffed head with dumb expression on its face, that comes in a multitude of colors so you can collect them all.  Problem is you really can’t play with em, cause they’re little more than bodiless teddy bears.  I did suggest he use a few as bombs so we could play war, but he didn’t go for it.

Now when I was a kid, we were lucky to get a lunch bag which we could draw anything we wanted on, but who wanted to collect them?  I usually threw mine away at the end of  ‘nutrition break’, after eating it’s contents.  They too usually ended up a bombs.  Well old grandpa had a few puffs one night and  decided to draw my own version of a Puffle; my grandson did the first drawing , I did the rest.

Now if ya actually went to the link and saw what I’m talking about, you’d blow your mind.  Although I personally think Puffles are dumb [ If I ever saw one of my probation clients when I was fighting crime, with such a stupid-ass, shit eating grin on their face, I’d be marching their ass off to the testing room and make em pee in a little jar.  And if it was “dirty”, they’d be pufflizing themselves in a jail cell for a few weeks.]  Lost my train of thought.  Sorry.

Anyway, you got to admit Puffles are a great marketing ploy:  Sew a sack together, slap some furry hair on it, plaster it with a stupid expression, fill it up with some only mildly toxic shit made in China, and sell the poop out of it.  Sure worked on me when I  had young children.  Many a time Young Hansi’s ass was out running around looking for a Cabbage Patch Kid or some Nintendo device, to make someones special day…extra special.


Comments on: "Puffles" (19)

  1. I need to come up with me a gimmick and get people all excited. I ain’t mad at the Puffle people though.

    Hey, I bet some of your drawings would make real interesting adult toys.

  2. I’m not so sure commercial consumerism is a natural trait Hans. Kids are being targeted earlier and earlier by the various media we allow them to watch, making them consumers at very young ages. No more can mom, dad, grandma or grandpa entertain them with simple objects made from items around the house. They are conditioned to want what appealed to them on some commercial. Marketers spend millions each to learn what appeals to the youth of this country.

    • You’re right. They’re doomed; unless of course their grandparents step in and wise them up 🙂


  3. The Puffles drawings remind me of that anti-Christ, Angry Birds….

  4. Don’t worry, B will be into being angry and angsty and listening to terrible music soon enough.

  5. These reminds me or those tribbles or whatever that invested Kirk’s Enterprise. It had to be the dumbest episode ever with stuff rodents toys as monsters.

  6. Awww, that’s a great drawing. Kid’s got a portion of his grandfather’s brain … 🙂

  7. This whole Puffle thing is just toooo weird…very cool drawings though, although they also get weirder from top to bottom. The first two, ok got it. In the third the Puffle thing has grown a body and is about to attack the blonde bombshell in the apron – it has hold of her hair and has an evil anticipation on its face – meanwhile, although she has no idea of what is about to befall her she is ironically and happily waving goodbye to some unseen person – ummm?
    In the final drawing you have totally flipped – a Puffle mer-thing emerges from the headless torso of some hapless human (I know you have a thing for mers but this is unsettling for children and old farts like me with heart palpitations)…and is that lipstick or blood being sprayed all over the place? Really HH – I hope you didn’t show these to your grandson 🙂

    • No way I’m gonna show this stuff to my grandson, even if his work is featured. There’d be too many embarrassing questions to answer.


  8. First thing that came to mind was…. “Puffles have ridges.” …. and looking at the last drawing, wow … a lot of innuendos. …. which all means well done.

  9. Fun sketches hansi!

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