mind expanding nonsense

Actually, the title should read “Wishin’ I was Fishin’ Again”, cause I was able to blast up to Lone Pine at the end of March and get in some Eastern Sierra trout fishing.  But rather than write a big narrative about the whole deal, I thought I’d just do a Blithering Idiot (my other blog) type of post.

My Hansi post (the usual fare, featuring a pretend story about what me and my Buddie may or may have not done on our little adventure) is on the Blithering Idiot.  I know, shameless self-promotion.   Sure hope it works on you…Kinda like my Mojo does 🙂


Comments on: "Wishin’ I Was Fishin’" (13)

  1. I did not know there were fresh water mermaids.

  2. Love the color work.

  3. Love Mr Mer, but what’s that blue ring? Can’t be a flotation device. An unidentified jelly blubber?

  4. Is that a Freudian slip he’s wearing?

  5. Seek compensation and an endorsement from Crayola!

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