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Hansi at your service

Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much of my time drawing silly pictures and splattering them all over my blog with a narrative that half the time, don’t really make much sense.  Well, I figured that all out.  I’m retired, and don’t have anything else to do.

But lack of anything else to do is not a good reason to do anything, except when you’re retired,  so I’ve come up with a more noble reason for all this madness:  It’s a Community Service.  That sounds better, but not really.  See, having spent thirty years in Corrections, fighting crime as a Probation Officer, community service sounds more like a punishment than noble effort.  And it was!  Community Service was usually ordered by the Court for low grade misdemeanors like petty theft (shop-lifting).  And as their punishment, petty thieves would have to work at some charity or thrift store for 80 to 120 hours.  Why any self-respecting charity would want a convicted thief working for ’em is something I could never figure out, but Oh Well.

So blogging for me has now become a community service.  A punishment for me, wherein I have to share all my evil thoughts & deeds with you, as my way of ‘servicing’ the blogging community.  What they call “a win win situation” don’t cha think?


Comments on: "Hansi at your service" (18)

  1. Sooo, that makes me your probation officer, and I’m requesting a warrant for violation of probation, and requesting you be sent forthwith back to the county jail to finish the balance of your 90 days. Since I am a probation officer, I can make up whatever I like about what you did, which is violate my sense of color coodination this day. Duly affidavited as well.

  2. So is that top picture what Marge Simpson would have looked like if she had been upper-class???

  3. A glutton for punishment….at least that is me…..I thought the days of me being called a socialist or a commie were gone….I was mistaken……so…oh yeah…I am retired also and that gives me plenty of time to hone my commie message…

  4. Aaah the matyr to a cause, a noble cause indeed. Artists are duty bound to air their dirty linnen. Go for it.

    • Thanks for your support. Don’t wanna be too close when my dirty linen hits the air.


  5. Many in Miami would consider it a great community service if I never left the apartment.

  6. My self imposed community service is to read and respond to your blog…long may it continue

  7. i like your drawings Hansi. Re: your retirement, here’s a t shirt that might suit….


  8. You illustrations are so vivid these days. I’m loving your use of color.

  9. Yup, it’s a win win;)

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